The Spiritulist Church

The Dunstable & Slip End Christian Spiritualist Church

This fellowship of souls has been meeting at various locations for the past 30 years. It used to meet above the Nags Head and then in the Boy’s Brigade hall behind the old cinema in Dunstable and latterly at Slip End Playing Fields at the Peter Edwards Hall for the past 5 years. We meet every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.

We are not a proselytising church, i.e. we do not go around trying to “encourage” people to join us; so you can keep your present religion and not worry about us trying to force-feed you ours.

We don’t insist that you believe everything that you see, hear or feel when you come along for an evening.

We do expect you to sit quietly and be respectful of everyone else who is there searching for whatever they need to help them cope with their life or their loss.

We basically just open the door and whoever comes along is welcome – whatever their base religion or belief set. Yes, we the organisers (and quite a few of the regular congregation) are Christians but we don’t insist that everyone share our belief.

We exist because so many people who lose a loved one go in search of something to give them hope to carry on in this life and make it through into the next. So many people lose their faith when they lose someone close to them and they have difficulty coming to terms with getting up every day and getting along until they meet their end.

Not surprisingly some people only come along up to the point they get proof of the existence of life after death and thereafter they have a coping mechanism that allows them to move forward with their life’s path, so we never see them again. Still others keep coming back regularly to partake of the peace, love and friendship that exists in the congregation or to get a regular top-up of Spiritual Healing, and they never want any further “proof” that there is something beyond death.

If you think you have felt someone watching over you when you know no-one is physically there, then you have already experienced a touch of spirit!

We DON’T indulge in any of the activities that you may have seen on various “hauntings” programmes on the television.

Every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm prompt we have a service which follows this format:

– Welcome and introduction to the medium who is demonstrating tonight.

– A hymn sung, by at least some of the congregation, or mimed if you are tone deaf or don’t want to join in for fear of shaking your existing beliefs.

– A “Healing Minute of Silence” – quite a task for many people, sitting in absolute silence whilst sending out your love and healing thoughts to everyone who may need it wherever they are. It is amazing how that minute of silence keeps you fresh week to week as very few of us ever experience a shared moment of real quietness in our lives today. A short healing hymn is sung afterwards.

– The medium for the evening will offer up a short prayer and follow that with the Lord’s Prayer. (Again you only join in if you believe or want to join in.)

– The medium will give a demonstration of contact with spirit and pass on whatever proof they can for members of the congregation.

– We sing a closing hymn and someone passes around a collection bag for donations towards the upkeep of the meetings and the travelling expenses of the medium.

– We have a cup of tea or coffee and various registered healers & trainees offer to act as a healing channel for those who wish to partake of some spiritual healing.

– Folk sit around and have a chat and eventually we throw them all out and go home!

So if your soul is searching for something it hasn’t found just yet and you are capable of making your own choices and decisions in life then we will be delighted to see you whenever you decide to come along and investigate what spiritualism holds for you.

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