Community Projects Group

Who are we?

We have over 50 clubs, associations, youth groups and businesses in our Parish yet we know little about them. Some of these groups organise trips within their groups but aren’t able to take advantage of discounts available to them, or would like to apply for grants but don’t know how. Recent projects have been very successful and from these projects the Parish Council felt that a separate ‘umbrella’ group, based on helping the community and made up of people from the community, would be more beneficial – so the Slip End & District Community Projects Group was born!

We are the voice for residents in the community regarding the future of our parish and community. We want to enable all our residents to take part in projects that will enhance their way of life, and to promote opportunities for local businesses, charitable and interest groups to work together.

The Community Projects Group is all about the Community

Our Chairman is Simon Patterson and our Vice-Chairman is Rosemary Wickens.
Our Core Committee members are Keith Holme (Treasurer), Carol Beeton, Sarah Minnighan and Andy Prothero.

To get in touch with the CPG members please email

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