Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan update as at 18th September 2017 – Caddington & Slip End Neighbourhood Plan
The two Parishes of Caddington & Slip End have been working together to develop a Neighbourhood Plan across the two Parishes since 2011.
We have now reached the stage of submitting a final draft plan to Central Bedfordshire Council for the final stage of consultation before the plan is submitted to an examiner. Provided the examiner considers the plan to be sound, it will then be put to a full referendum locally before becoming a formal planning document.

The neighbourhood plan is supported by the Parish Council. It identifies sustainable expansion for the parish whilst protecting us from becoming joined to Luton. We would encourage residents to support the neighbourhood plan.

You can access the documentation that sits behind the plan here –…
If you wish to make comment you can do so here –
A small number of hard copies of the plan will be made available for viewing locally.

Neighbourhood Plan Update as at 2nd June 2016
We are delighted to announce that the Plan has now reached a stage of being put out to consultation for a six week period prior to submission to Central Bedfordshire Council for examination by a Planning Inspector.

The documentation can be accessed at HERE

Thank you for your contribution, continuing interest and, we hope, support for our Plan.
With very best wishes,
Kevin Collins
Chair of the Steering Group for the Neighbourhood plan

For the latest update on our Neighbourhood Plan as at May 2014 click HERE

The Localism Bill (to be enacted in April 2012) sets out how communities will be able to get more involved in planning for their local areas.

Communities will be able to get involved in creating plans and policies to guide new development and in some cases, granting planning permission for certain types of development.

So what is Neighbourhood Planning?
A Neighbourhood Plan provides an excellent opportunity for communities to identify local issues that matter to them, and provide solutions at a local level.

Town or Parish Councils are the ‘qualifying bodies’ who can make a neighbourhood plan. It can cover a whole town or parish, or just part of it. Two or more parishes can work together to produce a joint plan if they wish to do so.

The three neighbourhood planning tools are:
• Neighbourhood Development Plans

These plans set out the vision for an area, and planning policies for the use and development of land. They could cover where new homes, offices or shops could go, and identify green spaces to be protected.
The plan needs to comply with both Central Bedfordshire’s planning policies and national planning policies. If adopted, the plan will become part of the development plan and be used in making decisions on planning applications.
• Neighbourhood Development Orders
These orders can grant planning permission for specific developments such as shop fronts and ‘green energy’ proposals.
• Community Right to Build Orders
These orders can identify land for specific small scale developments, such as new homes or community facilities.

Where are we so far?
Caddington and Slip End Parish Councils have been accepted by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) as a ‘front runner’ in the Neighbourhood Plan process.

Toddington Parish Council are also likely to be going ahead with a plan, and officers are talking to a number of other communities about whether they want to do a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee ‘Terms of Reference’ can be found HERE

PDF files for the Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Meetings can be found below

Meeting held on Tuesday 8th November 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 17th October 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 19th September 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 11th July 2012

Meeting held on Thursday 17th May 2012

Meeting held on Thursday 26th April 2012

Meeting held on Thursday 22nd March 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 18th January 2012

Meeting held on Wednesday 14th December 2011

Meeting held on Tuesday 15th November 2011