Church Meeting Room

This past Sunday, Cathy and Julie successfully ran two Zoom meetings for the Worship Service for Easter Sunday. They will be doing the same on future Sundays with services starting at 10.30 am and 4.00 pm

Zoom is free to download on PC’s, phones and tablets. Once you have it you can join in with the meetings and services by putting in a 10 digit number. If you would like to join us then please do email Cathy ( to get the meeting ID number.

Cathy will open the meetings at 10.15 am and 3.45 pm to give time for people to join and say hello to each other. 

You can get the order of service HERE (when available – from Saturday Morning hopefully!). You can either display it on a seperate PC or tablet, or if your screen is big enough display it next to Zoom. Alternatively you might find it more convenient to print it out to have to hand.

If you would like a little more time before the services to make sure you can get on and use the system, then again email Cathy and we will open up the room a little earlier to help you get sorted.