Weekly News Sheet

Newsheet 27/4/17

Putting on a good spread:
We will be hosting the Churches Together in Caddington service in aid of Christian Aid on 14th May at 4 p.m. and want to put on a really good spread. Without wanting to appear to be too competitive, the bar is set pretty high by other churches so please speak to Susan and Joyce if you think you can contribute, be that by baking, kitchen duty or in any other capacity.

Welcome Teams:
Tony and Teresa are moving away in June, and will be sadly missed for a great many reasons! One of the consequences is that we will need to re-jig the welcome rota, and so we are looking for volunteers. If you feel God is calling you to serve in this way please speak to Joan.

Whole Life Worship:
This is further training about how we can live for God in our everyday lives. The leaders, Sam and Sara Hargreaves have produced training material with LICC the organisation who have produced the “Front Line” material that we have found so helpful.

This is a local opportunity at Stopsley Baptist Church, St Thomas’ Road - Luton on 6th May, from 10.30am to 4.30pm. The price is £15.
For more information and to book tickets go to www.engageworship.org

Two bedroomed house wanted to rent:
St Hugh’s has just employed a new Worship Leader whose wife is currently working in St. Albans. Sam and Emmy Parker are looking for reasonably priced rented accommodation here or in Caddington. So if you know of anywhere please email the office at St. Hugh’s

Gift Day:
There will be a gift day to help cover the cost of the new heating on May 7th.
The cost is about £9,000. Thank you to all who have made enquiries about the cost or have offered to contribute. The money will go into an unrestricted fund so that if there is more than required it can be used on other things. If you are unable to attend on 7th May but would like to give, speak to Julie.

Walk to Church Sunday:

St Albans Diocese Walk to Church Sunday is on 14th May. For those who are able why not try leaving the car at home to show your love for God’s creation?

Prayer Requests & Blessings

Praying for our Community, Mission Partners and Ministry
 We pray for St Hugh’s Lewsey, one of our partner churches, and for Joe Pienaar and his team there .Thank God that St Hugh’s is a “family of all nations” where each member is encouraged to be “living light wherever they are”. Empower them to transform their community. We pray too for the work of the Luton Deanery led by Joe, and for our Deanery Synod Rep, Paula.
 May God anoint Chris and Hilary who will be at St. Paul’s on May 7th.
 For Jenny in her new ministry with the International Medical Corps.

 Thank you to the Sandle family doing the Colour Run last week in aid of Luton Foodbank, and to all who sponsored them.

Line of Scripture of the Week

Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2 : 38)

Sermon points
When we encounter Jesus:
 we go through a complete turn around;
 we are given a clean slate;
 we receive power for living.

Vicar: Rev' Cathy Pullinger (vicar@slipend.co.uk) Church Phone 01582 725061 - Church mobile 07425 148046 - Vicarage Phone 01582 480391
Churchwarden: Nick Sandle (723029)
Readers: Chris Barnes (725448) and Richard Palmer (462127)