Bedfordshire Police launched ‘101’ quite a few years back. It gives the public a memorable number for their local police to report crimes and concerns that do not require an emergency response. It will also help the police to deal more efficiently with calls for help from the public.

At 15p per call from both mobile phones and landlines, no matter how long the call or what time of day, the public will be spared the cost of traditional 0845 numbers previously used by many forces which can cost up to 40p per minute.

With only 25 per cent of 999 calls to the police requiring an emergency response, ministers and chief constables are confident that the 101 number will also ease pressure on 999 services. Police forces in England and Wales have gradually gone live with 101 on a phased basis. The last of the 43 forces have now adopted the number and it is already proving popular with more than two and a half million calls.

The Police Commander said: “Having just two phone numbers - 101 for reporting a crime that has happened, to get advice or to raise local policing issues - or 999 if it's an emergency, makes calling the police a lot easier and makes our services more accessible.

"It's also expected to reduce the number of inappropriate 999 calls the service receives, enabling us to respond to genuine emergencies more effectively. 999 should only be used in an emergency, that is when a crime is happening, when someone suspected of a crime is nearby, or where someone is injured, being threatened or in danger. For all other matters the public should call us on 101.”

For further information or to contact us:
Bedfordshire Police Authority
Bridgebury House, Woburn Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK43 9AX.
Tel: 01234 842066
Email: info@bedfordshirepoliceauthority.co.uk

London Luton Airport Police Unit - MANPAD

Police officers from London Luton Airport are asking for your assistance. The MANPAD Neighbourhood Policing Team is a dedicated unit of police officers based at London Luton Aiport. As part of a Government led initiative the team are working on engaging with the communities in the area surrounding the airport. we are asking these members of the public to be additional eyes and ears, reporting anything suspicious to us in an attempt to reduce the opportunity for terrorist related incidents.

Luton Airport Anti Terrorism Hotline - 01234 842 706
National Terrorism Hotline - 0800 789 321

It is important to note that the security threat to the UK has NOT been raised and there is no current intelligence or suggestion that an attack is likely or expected

If you feel you could contribute to the initiative please e-mail: mpt@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk