November Parish News


Services for November
Holy Communion each Thursday at 10.30
4th 10.0011.00 Family ServiceInformal Communion
7th 10.30 Pram Service
11th 10.30 Remembrance Day service
18th 10.30 Holy Communion
21st 10.30 Pram Service
25th 10.30 Morning Praise
28th 2.30 Woodside Home Service
Remembrance Day
At 11a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month we will be observing 2 minutes silence in remembrance of those who died in the service of our country in wartime. Our War Memorials, with the lists of local people who died in service, are inside St Andrew's and we will be gathering there again to lay wreaths on this solemn day.
Mother's Union
Plan ahead for the busy time in the kitchen at Christmas! On November 15th at 8.00pm at 19 Crawley Close, Delia Lorraine Crossett will give us some tips and ideas for Christmas Cookery.
And on December 4th we have an evening of Advent Meditation lead by Pauline Lowe at Julie's home.
Advance notice:
December 21st Carols at Woodside Home
At this gathering we are planning to give some small gifts to the folks who reside there, and would appreciate some donations in kind towards this: contact Edie Ham.
St Andrew's Ramblers
Our ramble on 7th was postponed due to rain and high winds but not to be outdone we planned to trek the canals and reservoirs at Marsworth later in the month. However, we were outdone as it poured down that day too, so the walk was post-postponed (again). So, at least during winter months we will keep an eye on weather forcasts and decide to go walking at short notice: call Sue Wiltshire on 725984 for details.

Entertainment at the Harvest Supper last month was more of an up market quality affair rather than the more usual rip-roaring Higgens theatrical production. The ladies of the Chiltern singers, who have some roots back to the Luton Girl's Choir, sang a mixed programme of favourites.

Thanks to all who helped put on a very pleasant evening in the Village Hall.
And on Sunday we had our Harvest Festival service in church when the children bought their Harvest Gifts, later distributed around the village.

We must be mad!
Why? You may well ask; well, we got soaking wet at Whipsnade last month, walking in aid of Wild Life. But thanks those who went: Samantha Stanbridge and Amy Brocklehurst who, with their families, were the only Brownies who went. And to Shirley Knapton and her daughters and great grand daughter, George and Sylvia Driscoll, my dad, Gerald Dyer, who was pushed round by my husband, Michael; our daughter Paula and her two children, Sean and Courtney, my granddaughter Zo and last but not leat, myself. We raised over 400!
More walking the following week as Zo and I went on the walk for the Pasque Hospice around Luton Hoo.

Slip End Village Hall
Friday November 9th at 7.30
In aid of Brownies

November in the Garden
When flowering is over, tidy up the herbaceous borders cutting off all dead and dying stems and leaves; but leave evergreen leaves.
Start pruning bush and standard roses as soon as leaves have fallen; this can continue up until next March. Fruit trees can also be pruned.
If ground conditions are suitable, put in early flowering plants such as wallflowers, polyanthus, myosotis and daises. Do this as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. Protect the young plants from frost until they are well established. Put in late flowering bulbs.
Vegetable Garden
Dress the dug plots with lime, cleaning out all weeds first. If the ground can be worked and is not muddy, get ahead with rough digging to allow the frost to break the soil and purify it, ready for next spring. The curds of early broccoli will be forming now and, though they are much harder than cauliflowers, it is as well to protect them too, by bending some of the outer leaves over them. Late cauliflowers will certainly need this protection.
Sow hardy culinary peas outdoors where they are to mature in a rather sheltered position and in well drained soil, essential for success.

Thank you to six of our members who did door to door collections in September for National Children's Homes. Over 130 was raised.
Fund Raising
Our September Good as New Sale raised over 350 for the Roof Fund. You may have seen as you pass the church that work has started on the roof; the barge boards have been replaced in their original form.
The Harvest Festival Service and Auction were well attended and 109 was raised for the Methodist Relief and Development Fund.
In October, the Live Circuit Players came to Aley Green with "Entertainment Live". This show was to help us raise money for the Organ Fund; it was a very good evening and 153 was raised.
Our biggest event of the year was our Autumn Fayre . Thank you to all who came along and helped us raise over 600 for church funds; we hope you all enjoyed it!
Also in October eight of our young people went with 42 other young Christians and their leaders on a Youth Weekend. A very lively time was enjoyed by all!

Junior Mission for All
Seven children from the Sunday School have been working hard over the year to collect 220 for "Junior Mission for All". There will be a J.M.A. service on November 4th at 11.00, so come and join us if you can. We shall once again be sending shoeboxes of needed items to Romania; and these will be received and blessed at this service.

We are holding a Mini Craft Market and Coffee Evening at the church on Tuesday 6th November from 7.30. Home made cakes, preserves, decorations and Christmas Gifts will be on sale so come along and treat yourself or a friend.
Our preserve stall will be supporting the Caddington Craft Market again on Saturday 17th November, 10.30 to 4.30.
With love and prayers from us all at Aley Green Methodist Church.

Harvest Celebration
On 4th October 2001 everyone was invited to the School's Harvest Festival.
The Headteacher, Pupils, Staff, Parents and other members of the local community came to the Harvest Festival.
Everyone celebrated all the food. The food was for the old people. Everyone sang some songs and Mrs Fisher, the Headteacher, talked about Harvest in other countries. Children from the Foundation Unit (the Nursery) sang a song and read a poem. Year 1 pupils read a prayer and a poem. Children from Year 2 read a poem about plums and apples. Year 3 pupils read about corn and sun and children from Year 4 read some stories. It was a great day.
The above report on the Harvest Festival was written by a pupil in Year 4, as part of their Literacy work. Apart from the school staff and parents, there were many invited guests at the celebrations.
Many items of fresh produce were presented in decorated boxes and a display was prepared in the hall. After the Festival the produce was taken to St. Andrew's Church where it was used to decorate the church for the Harvest Festival service there.
Each year group played an important role in the event. The youngest children who are in the Foundation stage (formerly the Nursery) recited a poem and sang a song. Pupils from Year 1 had written poems and prayers giving thanks for Harvest. Year 2 children had wrote acrostic poems about Harvest and Autumn and pupils from Year 3 had made corn dollies. Our Year 4 children gave accounts of harvests in years gone by.
After the event, refreshments were served to parents and guests by the PTA.
The school has a vacancy for a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) to work 12.5 hours a week (9-11.30 Mon to Fri). Experience is not always necessary, guidance will be provided. Work would be with individual children or a small group of children under the direction of the teacher. Those interested in taking up the post should apply to the School Secretary for details (see advertisement).
Christmas Fayre
We are working hard, preparing for our Christmas Fayre, see advertisement. All are welcome to come along and purchase Christmas decorations and gifts.

I am back again classed as part-time! I will try to be as humorous as I can with these alternate monthly letters. At Village Hall Committee on the 8th October, the material was chosen for the windows and the stage, which will fit in very nicely with the new dcor and enhance the hall even more. The hole in the fence will be repaired shortly and it will stop anyone getting their clothes torn. It reminds me of a time when I was young and my best coat was torn so I got a clip round the ear from my mother and I wouldn't like that to happen to you youngsters, hence the repair job funding.
Everything in the village still looks the same, apart from police checking the speed of motorists in the Markyate Road. Cars seem to be moving slower now that speed limits are hotting up, and unless we stick to the limits, a quick fine will make one become more observant. I read in the Parish News the mention that, if mothers walked their children to school, it would cause less traffic congestion. I feel that it is up to mothers if they wants to drive to school or not, whatever distance the journey. Even driving the short distance to the shop is also the drivers decision. One has a right to make their own decisions without criticism or polite suggestions.
Now, I have a very serious request, I have many before. The committee is desperate for a new secretary and possibly a treasurer. I am pleading with the village for a volunteer to come forward to take on the interesting work as secretary in time for next February's A.G.M. The committee's have managed the affairs of the Hall for the past forty years and as most of us are wearing thin, it would be an advantage to have younger blood, and it would be a wonderful chance to become a staunch member of village life. If a villager doesn't come forward it will possibly mean an outsider would be brought in, and in my view it would not be the same, as one must have heart and soul in a lovely hall like we have and only a villager would have that. We had good time years ago; Bazaars, jumble sales, concerts and when we had an achievement we would celebrate out of town with a Dinner Dance. Anyway, please try it, even if you are not too sure of the involvement. I have written all of these things before, so because of its importance, I am repeating my request.
I haven't heard of a new vicar yet. Please keep me informed as I never know what is going on until I ask. Surprising that, isn't it?
The nights are still drawing in and it will soon be Christmas. The world is not in a happy state so do get our your Christmas lights to perhaps enable our spirits to lift and lighten the darkness in the world today. I do hope you aren't yawning yet and I'll be back soon. Bless you all.
Message sent to Editor: Muriel - See the PP's at the end of our Parish Council Chairman's monthly update last month. Your fan club needs you - no more months off please.

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