April Parish News

Services for April
Holy Communion each Thursday at 10.30
31stMarch 10.30 Easter Day Service & Informal Communion
18.00 Songs of Praise
07th 10.0011.00 Family ServiceHoly Communion
10th 10.30 Pram Service
14th 10.30 Morning Praise
24th 10.30 Pram Service
21st 10.30 Holy Communion
28th 10.30 Morning Praise

St Andrew's Events Committee are planning an Open Gardens event in Slip End. This is to be held on Saturday 13th July and will be open to the whole community. We are also, however, hoping to run a hanging basket competition at the same time, and again, anyone in the village is welcome to enter.
Please contact Valerie Church, The Old Bakery, 2 Summer Street, Slip End, or ring 458443 giving your name, address and phone number. For online users CLICK HERE to apply via the online form.

May 11th
Spring Fair Village Hall
July 13th Open Gardens & Hanging Basket Comp

April 20th 2002
A group of people from St Andrew's Church, look forward each year to an annual walk visiting 7 to 8 churches in the Inner London area. It is organised by a charity called UNLOCK, supporting churches in challenging inner city areas. This year we will be visiting areas around Hackney, Stoke Newington, Abney Park and Leyton and hope to meet up with our old vicar, David Bolster, somewhere along the way. It is a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday and to learn something about the problems facing other churches. If you think you can manage around 9 miles (with refreshment stops in between) please come along to the Church. You will find all the details on the notice board.

Do you love home made cakes, buying plants at reasonable prices, browsing at craft ideas - then why not visit the Country Craft Market held every Friday morning in Harpenden 9.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. situated in the Methodist Church Hall (next to W H Smiths) in the High street.
Easter week the market will be held on the Thursday instead of Good Friday, the rest of the year it is open Fridays.

Did you know that the village has an After School Club?
It is open during school term time from 3.30 to 6.00 on Monday to Friday in the Community Rooms of the School. The qualified staff care for the children who enjoy a range of activities including art and craft, board games, imaginative play (e.g dressing up, 'schools', cars and garages, train track, and making dens). We have a TV, radio and computer for those who need some quiet time, but the children's favourite activity is often the physical play - outside whenever the weather permits or in the Hall. We play football, tennis and rounders, tag and hide-and -seek to name but a few. Who can go to the club? Children aged from 5 to 12 years.
A majority of the children have working parents but other children attend for one or two afternoons a week to enjoy the opportunity to socialise and play with friends after school for an hour or two, while parents have an extra bit of time to do what they need to do.

How much does it cost?
2.50 per hour or part of an hour for each child.

Who do you contact about the club?
To find out more or to arrange for your child to join us phone Sarah on 01582 415124

Home-Thoughts, from Abroad

Oh, to be in England
Now that April's there,
And whoever wakes in England
Sees, some morning, unaware,
That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf
Round the elm-tree bole are
in tiny leaf,
While the chaffinch sings on
the orchard bough
In England - now!

And after April, when May follows,
And the white-throat builds, and
all the swallows -
Hark! Where my blossomed pear-tree in the hedge
Leans to the field and scatters
on the clover
Blossoms and dewdrops - at the
bent spray's edge,
That's the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over,
Lest you should think he never
could recapture

The first fine careless rapture!
And though the fields look rough
with hoary dew,
All will be gay when noontide
wakes anew
The buttercups, the little
children's dower,
-Far brighter than this gaudy
Robert Browning

For those who attended, the Mothers Union meeting on March 14th it proved to be a very enjoyable evening. We were 'Celebrating Mothers' with photos, memories, poems and individual reminders. We had great fun trying to guess whose mother/grandmother belonged to which daughter and heard some lovely tales from days gone by. Sue Taylerson had sent along her mothers Autograph Book and what a delight it was. The pictures were beautiful and must have taken hours to complete. Not just content with a quick scribbled signature in those days - you actually got something worth keeping!

Our favourite poem of the evening was :-

To a new Mother

Babies grow up, we have learned to our sorrow
So try and leave jobs that can wait till tomorrow.
Children get older, while you are not looking,
And years stretch ahead full of cleaningand cooking.
So quiet down cobwebs, and dust go to sleep,
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

On April 24th at 8pm at 29 Crawley Close, the Mothers Union hope to watch a video "Roots and Fruits". All are most welcome.
"Needlework for the Queens Jubilee"
We have decided to make some kneelers, so if anyone feels this is something they would like to do please get in touch with Mary Barker or come to our next meeting on Tuesday 16th April, 7:30pm at 29 Crawley Close. Any one interested in any of our topics is most welcome to join us
irrespective of being a M.U. member or indeed attending St Andrews Church.
ALL are most welcome to join us,
Looking forward to seeing you.
Mary Barker

The Committee have suggested outings for the Summer months as followed and have met with the members approval and support.

June I8th CLACTON ON SEA Self Catering

July 16th BOURNEMOUTH, Meal arranged prior to return

August 27th MYSTERY TOUR with Cream Teas

November 19th LAKESIDE for the SHOPAHOLICS.

Our club attendance hovers around the 45/50 mark, which is encouraging, but don't let the members put you off, if you feel inclined to join us
Gerald Dyer (Chairman)

Prick out young seedling of half hardy annuals, pinch off seed-heads from faded daffodils, Plant gladioli bulbs. SHRUBS AND TREES.
Water newly planted trees and shrubs during dry spells. Cover moist soil with black polythene to keep roots cool. Cut back straggly evergreens such as lavender, santolina, and winter heathers.
Pollinate wall grown fruit trees by hand, as they come into full flower.
Mulch between rows of raspberries.
Rake off any thatch of matted material, Spike with a garden
fork to improve drainage, Mow with blade set high, Apply spring fertilizer.
During sunny weather, shade young seedlings with sheets of paper. Keep greenhouse well ventilated by opening top vents.
Plant early potatoes, Sow seeds of peas, lettuce, carrots and beetroot.

We are still trying to find a Restaurant that will accommodate us for a meal, for the Senior Citizens Outing to be held on Saturday June 8th, Names will be taken at the Car Boot Sale on Easter Monday, or you can ring Gillian on 01582 723109 quoting your name, address, telephone number, and whether you would like fish & chips or salad.

On Wednesday March 6th, we held a sponsored silence in aid of McMillan Cancer Relief, the girls had to be silent for 1/2 hour. All you could hear was the pages of their books being turned over, our thanks to Viv Porter, Joan Duncombe, and Michael for coming to see fair play, we raised a magnificent total of 255.00 On Wednesday March 13th, a friend of Michael and myself came along to talk to the girls about stargazing, as this is the badge they are working on, he showed a video he had taken of the moon, through a telescope, and then asked questions, as the moon was not visible Ray had brought a large map of the moon, which was placed one end of the hall, and the girls looked through the telescope at the other end of the hall. They have written about the moon and stars, and drawn pictures, and made a game.
Gillian Plummer (Brown Owl)

On arrival we were presented with a glass of sherry or orange juice. The main business was shortened then the evening was handed over to Mrs M McIlroy acting president and Mrs L Bartlett, Hon. Sec. for the Members Night. To say it went with a bang would be an understatement, but more of that later. As last years minutes were read for our approval, I must admit I had a job to recall some of the happenings. I don't suppose I am the only one but it is a good job it is recorded at the time. Mrs S Coleman was presented with a floral basket for all her hard work. Each year, a name is chosen and very well deserved it was Sheila.
As the refreshments were prepared we were given articles by name to guess when they had been invented. Much more difficult than you think. The entertainment was a sketch about a committee meeting, minus the treasurer, being held in a building that had repairs in hand. The banging got very invasive and a committee member went out to ask for it to stop, only to find no caretaker but the treasurer's hold-all outside the door. Shortly after a very irate treasurer demanded to know why no one had responded to her knocking and come to help her when she was locked in the lavatory. "Oh dear, what can the matter be" sprang to my mind, but I don't think that was the title. It was a real giggle.
Refreshments were jacket potatoes, coleslaw, cheese, tuna and sweetcorn followed by After Eight mints, tea/coffee.
Social time had us scratching our heads, trying to put a price to articles on a tray. There was sweets on one, toilet goods, drinks, groceries and household goods. It goes to show if we need it, we purchase, it could be a good buy but does the price really register?
A big thank you to Members Night committee for a very enjoyable evening. I'm sure I'm speaking for all the members especially the main committee who had a night off!

Next meetings:
April 16th Old cooking from Bedfordshire
Speaker Mrs J Dineen
May 21st Annual Meeting
Belly dancer shows us how!

(Meetings at Collingswell Hall 2nd Tuesday in the month)
Patricia Crick


Crime figures for February. 2 thefts from motor vehicles. 2 thefts (other). 1 distraction burglary from a dwelling. 1 shoplifting. and 1 theft of a motor vehicle. Please remember to report all crimes, no matter how trivial they may seem and please remain vigilant.

There are a number of motor vehicles in the village that do not have valid road fund licences. These are not abandoned vehicles. From March of this year it has been possible to ring a number - anonymously if necessary - and report these vehicles and where they are parked. The number is 473333 and anyone can ring this number to report a vehicle parked that is not showing a valid road fund licence. The Police have advised us that they will check as to the ownership of these vehicles and send out fines for the non-taxation plus a notice for the amount owed for the current road fund licence. This is happening now and anyone who does not have an up to date road fund licence on their vehicle(s) should be aware of this.

It is the Parish Councils' intention to supply all children of 16 years and under with a specially minted coin for Jubilee Year. We will be asking Slip End Lower School to furnish us with a list of all the children who attend. However, there are more children in the village that also qualify for this gift. For instance, all those who attend schools out of the area. Do you know of any children who qualify? If you do, please e-mail me or contact David Haste our Parish Clerk, so that we may compile a list. Should you have any grandchildren, or indeed would like to purchase coins for yourself, please let us know so that we may include them in our order. Prices on request.
That being just about it for this month, on behalf of the Parish Council, keep happy, safe and neighbour-friendly.
Christine Benson. Slip End Parish Council.

Thank you to everyone who came to our first Spring Fayre. 580 was raised for Church funds. It was good to see the church so full of people having fun relaxing over afternoon tea and picking up a bargain too! Don't forget to come along to our Good as New Sale on Saturday 27th April at 2.30p.m. Once again the tea room will be open with home made cakes and preserves for sale.
Date for your diary - May 18th at 9a.m. We are holding a cake stall outside the Co-op in Caddington in aid of National Children's Homes.
Yours in faith Ann Meader and all at Aley Green Methodist Church

Do you have some spare time on your hands? Samaritans Purse are looking for a volunteer to help co-ordinate all the shoe-boxes in the Luton area for 2002. This is a very worth-while cause so if you think you might be able to help please contact Sue Cowell, Editor, and she will pass your details to Sheila Heaton and Colin Ridgewell, the people who are responsible for our district.

The warehouse owner decided to make a surprise visit. Walking through, he noticed a young man lazily leaning against the wall. "Just how much are you being paid?" said the boss, angrily. The young man replied, casually: "200 a week." The boss pulledout his wallet, peeled off 10 20 notes and shouted at the young man: "Here's a week's pay. Now get out and don't come back!" The young man shrugged his shoulders, pocketed the money, and left. The warehouse manager standing nearby, stared in amazement. "Tell me," said the boss, "how long has he worked for us?" "He didn't work here," replied the manager, "He was just delivering a parcel."

Two men are chatting in the pub. One says: For our 20th anniversary, I'm taking my wife to Australia." His friend says: "That's going to be tough to bear. What are you going to do for your 25th anniversary?" The first man says: "I'm going to go back and get her."

*** If you think you might have any jokes that could be included in Parish News please let me know. Many thanks Sue.

Hello to my friends at the Slip End village. I must apologize for my weeks away but I did find that I had so much to do and did not realise that I had left my news items for as long as I did.

Well we did hold the AGM at the village hall in February and the hall was packed to capacity for people rushing to take on the office of treasurer chairman and secretary but we decided after all of the rush to keep the same chairman and treasurer until the next AGM because it would have taken too long to show a newcomer the ropes - as the expression goes.!!! We did however have a change in our secretary and now have Mr. Steve Fuell who is very experienced into that sort of office, so he was well appreciated.
Bud, who was our was our secretary for a number of years and had worked so very hard stepped down and he is a representative for the senior citizens of the village.

I would like to tell the people in the village that the village hall is vacant on Tuesday 4th June if there are any young mums who wish to organise a village party for the children of the village for the golden jubilee. We did have a lovely silver jubilee party 25 years ago and it was most acceptable to the children. All one needs to do is to knock up a few jellies with ice-cream adding biscuits crisps and lemonade to give the kiddies that special treat to remember when they are older.
I would organise it, owing to my love of children but feel now that I am running out of steam, so come on you lovely young mums, get together and do a little something for this special occasion and as I've just said the hall will be free of charge.

I notice in the March magazine a nice poem - well, it has given me the idea to write a poem that my mother taught me when I was 5 years old. She would lay beside me in my little bed and teach me a line each night. My small granddaughter Molly has been taught it by me, and she is only 4 years old, but each time she visits me she loves to tell it to me. Before I do the poem I would like to thank the people who have missed my writing and I hope that this letter although not pacifically for the village hall, this month,. is not too boring. Muriel

I will look out for more interesting news next month from Muriel
(Unfortunately - Muriel forgot to print the poem - hopefully we will get a copy next month. I will look forward to it.)

This might be a good time to let my e-mail contributors know that my I am having problems with my modem. I hope to get if fixed before 15th April but just in case please send any details to David Kingston at davidgoodmankingston@hotmail.com
Thank you - Sue Cowell, Editor

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