Vegetable Garden
Plant out spring cabbages from the August sowing, as many as possible as this is a useful crop at a thin time of year and does well on our ground. Cauliflower heads can be damaged by frost (coming soon )so bend some outer leaves over for protection. Lift and store remaining root crops; start the digging, applying manure to improve the soil and give the worms a chance to do their good work.
Flower Garden
Lift fuchias and other summer bedding plants like lobelia and geranina. Take cuttings for next year's shrubs, inserting them deeply into sheltered open ground, with some sand mixed in and rooting powder applied. Do disturb them until next year to give root development a chance. If any of the early chrysanthemums are still in flower, give them some temporary shelter to prolong growth. Lift gladiola corms carefully, shake off the soil, tie them into small bundles and hang in a dry place; they can be planted out again next year.
Fruit Garden
Gather all remaining apples and pears, don't leave it too late! Apples store well in boxes, 3 or 4 deep. Pears store better in an open, dry atmosphere, not piled up, around 50 degrees is best: keep a regular eye on them.
General Work
Grub out and burn couch grass and (dry) potato haulms which may breed disease if left lying. Now is the time to lay turf and repair the lawn. Apply slow acting fertilizers such as basic slag and bone meal; gather falling leaves for the compost heap.

Tool of the Year - The Watering Can!
Yes, the humble watering can has been much in evidence over the long dry summer. We are fortunate to have water available on the allotments, so for those who have been able to water liberally, crops have been reasonable. However some rain is hoped for by our gardeners to get the ground into good shape for autumn digging and help establish the spring plants before winter.
If you want an allotment (and now is a good time to start work for next year's crops) call Derrick on 736892.


Thank you to everyone who came along to our Harvest Festival and to the Harvest Auction, the proceeds of which have been sent off to "Seeds for Africa". 
Thank you also to Jeff & Barbara Horton, Peter & Colin Sowley, Sheila Sams, and Ann Meader for doing door to door collecting for National Children's Homes in September.

Autumn Fayre
This will be held on 11th October, so come along and look at the many stalls: home made cakes, cards and preserves, games, Bric-a-Brac, toys, books for all ages and gifts will all be available. Afternoon Tea will be served in the school room. We look forward to seeing you!

Dates for your Diary
Sat November 1st
Aley Green Preserves at the Caddington Baptist Church,10am to 4pm.
Sun November 2nd: All Age Worship, including J.M.A. Awards to our children.
Ann Meader

The new term started on 8th September and we are welcoming some new children to the group. 
The first half of the term is taken up with Harvest and the Autumn. We are sampling some of the fruits of the season and by the time you read this will have enjoyed an Autumn walk in Stockwood Park to collect leaves, 'conkers' etc to take home to show our parents.
We have some new purchases to enjoy: two new bikes to replace broken ones, a number mat and some more magnetic building bricks. We have also bought some more art aprons to match the ones the Brownies bought for us last year.
With the Christmas season fast approaching we will need funds to hold a party for the children: we have already booked the entertainment and will be speaking to Father Christmas to make sure he is free to visit us. To raise the funds needed for this we will be holding our usual Nearly New Sale but this Autumn it is a bit later than usual on Saturday 1st November. This is the last Saturday of Half Term so you should have all that week to sort out your cupboards!!
This term the Playgroup staff (Jill, Julie and Sue) are also helping at Toddlers on Tuesdays. We are setting up the play for the children and then taking it in turns to stay for the afternoon. So if you go to Toddlers we look forward to meeting you there.
Jill Acton

On Thursday 21st August, 46 members and friends had a very enjoyable day at Weymouth. It was a beautiful summer day, the beach was lovely and Punch & Judy were performing! Weymouth is an interesting and historic town: as well as the beach and a lively town centre, the port and harbour are also appealing. (But it's a shame that the boat trains no longer run through the streets to the quay! - Editor)
We are moving towards the end of our touring season now, looking forward to our last summer day out to see the lights in Southend on 25th September. Traditional Fish & Chips for this trip, but plans for our "Turkey & Tinsel" are on a grander scale! This will be a five day holiday in Eastbourne, December 1st to 5th.
Then, when we return to Slip End, we will be enjoying a Christmas Dinner together on 11th.
Viv Porter

Want answers to questions
about local services?
Ask your Councillor! 

Once a month at Heathfield Lower School in Caddington, you have the chance to discuss council and police related services with County Councillor Richard Stay, and WPC Carron Thompson, based in Dunstable, who looks after police matters in our area. If you have questions or concerns about education, social services, highways, libraries, trading standards, etc.. get along: dates and times are listed in the diary at the back of this issue of Parish News. 
As well this is a "Tell Us" reporting centre: if you are experiencing any form of racial harassment, you can talk to the police or councilor or contact the County Council, freephone 0800838456. County Council switchboard number is (01234) 363222 and there are separate numbers for many local offices, all in the phone book.
For information about any County Council services, call the Action Point service on 0800 838456, 24 hours a day or log onto Action Point is staffed by trained professionals who can tell you where to get help.

The Dance Season is upon us again so if you enjoy a social evening, come along to our dances held every month in the Village Hall. And for added enjoyment, we always have live music!
These dances are run in support of various local organizations, so for more information, call Shirley on 412506. Call her if you are coming as this helps her with catering requirements: price is just 5, which includes a plated buffet!
For dates, refer to the Diary section at the back of this issue of Parish News.

Since returning after the holiday period, we have had a drop in numbers, as several of our girls have moved away or are busy with school homework at new schools. 
So if you have a daughter, 6 years plus, call in at our Open Evening, which we will be holding at the Village Hall starting at 6pm (but drop in at any time up to 7.30). Bring your daughter along so she can see what we get up to.
On November 8th we will be holding on of our Table-Top Sales again, so if you want to book a table call Gillian on 723109.
Gillian, Brown Owl


Muslim, Jewish and Christian speakers will present 'People of the Book,' a study day at St Albans Abbey on Thurs Oct 23rd 10am to 4pm. The ways the Abrahamic faiths use their scriptures will be explored. Info: Dennis Stamps on 01727 830802.
Explosive event
X-plosion III, an ecumenical event for young people, is being held at London Colney, on Sunday November 9th from 5.30 pm. The event features the band, 'Superhero' plus a support band, food and fireworks. It ends around 8 pm. The cost is 8.50 each for those in employment; 6 for those in full-time education or unemployed. More information from Dave Green on 01707 386019. To book, ring 01727 828888 ext 412 or e-mail 
Last Goodbye
'The Last Goodbye' an exhibition for primary schools about the rescue of children from Nazi Europe, will be at St Albans Abbey from Oct 31st to Nov 10th. Organised by the Diocesan Education Service, this tells the story of 10,000 unaccompanied children who came to Britain on the 'Kinder Transport', highlighting issues relating to prejudice, racism and indifference. There will be workshops and speakers running sessions for children and a special session for teachers. The exhibition will also be open to members of the public. Admission free!
Info: Eileen Shaw on 01707 386011

From the Starting Grid
Notwithstanding traffic calming measures, speeding traffic remains a danger for us in Slip End. "From pole position, I must be first into the chicane" mentality seems to exist in the minds of some drivers as they accelerate from the lights, past the Frog & Rhubarb straight towards the Eau Rouge chicane. Rob Swetman was moved to write to the website:
As the Police are unwilling or unable to take any measures to curb the dangerous antics of speeding drivers through the village, especially Church Road; how about we hold Saturday night drag racing meetings. We can have the start line outside Dennis Flitton's showroom and the finish line at the traffic calming bollards near the church. Which in fact have about as much calming effect as a starting pistol being fired behind your ear. We could charge the racers 5 a throw and put some of the money towards ear defenders for the Church Road residents to use during the rest of the week. Speeds of up to 120 mph should be possible as they pass the Frog providing they ignore the traffic lights when they are at red. Mind you many drivers do this now so they probably will not want to pay the fiver.
In the same e-mail thread, it is mentioned that it is not just the non-Slip End resident "rat runner" who is causing dangerous and illegal nuisance. Not all of us are innocent, even in our own back yard. Please have consideration: 30mph is the limit, lower speed is appropriate in most of our streets.
The Road Map
It seems that Elm Avenue in Caddington isn't an avenue at all, there are no elms and no significant trees. However, it is a crescent, whereas The Crescent isn't! How come?
While we're nitpicking, the Ordnance Survey map clearly shows on the road to Harpenden that the sign for Hertfordshire is in Bedfordshire and the sign for Bedfordshire is in Hertfordshire! 

M1 widening
Many of us have received letters from a company of Chartered Surveyors about "Compensation for M1 widening". Suggestion is that, within the terms of the Land Compensation Act 1973, compensation may be claimed for "any depreciation ... caused by noise, dirt, dust, etc arising from a new or altered road". The company offers to act for me on a no- win, no-fee basis or fee re-imbursement from the Highway Authority if the case is won.
Any thoughts?
David Kingston

(P.S. The Surveyors have lost some credibility. I have just noticed that the letter is addressed: "SLIPEND, Dunstable, Herts".
I hope they know where the M1 is )

Village Diary