May 2004 - Parish News


SAT 1                                        MOTHERS UNION VISIT TO KEW GARDENS
SUN 2               10-30AM                FAMILY COMMUNION

                                This is a network group week

  WED 5              10-30AM                    PRAM SERVICE--FAMILY ROOM
 SUN 9               10-30AM                    MORNING PRAISE
                              6-15PM                   3:16 MEET---FAMILY ROOM
  THU 13               8-00PM                    FOOTSTEPS MEET---FAMILY ROOM
 SUN 16             10-30AM                    HOLY COMMUNION

                                 This is a network group week

  WED 19            10-30AM                   PRAM SERVICE--FAMILY ROOM
  SAT 22               2-00PM                 WEDDING-----CHRIS FLEET AND STEPHANIE CROSSETT                                                     7-30PM                    PENTECOST PRAISE AT ST MARYS LUTON
   SUN 23             9-15AM                    HOLY COMMUNION AT EAST HYDE
                           10-30AM                    MORNING PRAISE

                             6-15PM                    3:16 MEET----FAMILY ROOM
  THU 27              8-00PM                   FOOTSTEPS MEET---FAMILY ROOM
   FRI 28              2-30PM                    WOODSIDE NURSING HOME SERVICE
SUN 30             10-30AM                    MORNING PRAISE WITH BAPTISM

This is a network group week


During June, Joy will be holding 3 sessions on how to manage the stress which affects us all, and live in a more relaxed way.
It consists of watching 3 video's ( on 3 separate evenings) these have been professionally produced by an organisation called "Care for the Family". Nothing will be asked of anyone except to "Chill Out" and enjoy themselves.
The sessions will be held at the Vicarage, so numbers are limited, to first come first served.
There will be leaflets to take away and refreshments will be served.
Speak to Joy for details or phone 424363. 

A daily wish for you
More gladness than sadness, more laughs than pain
More troubles than troubles, more sunshine than rain

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noahís Ark.

1. Donít miss the boat.
2. Remember that we are all in the same boat.
3. Plan ahead. It wasnít raining when Noah built the Ark.
4. Stay fit. When youíre 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.
5. Donít listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.
6. Build your future on high ground.
7. For safetyís sake, travel in pairs.
8. Speed isnít always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs
9. When youíre stressed, float a while.
10. Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professional.
11. No matter the storm, when you are with God, thereís always a rainbow waiting. 


Slip End & District Association
Slip End Village Hall
Thursdays 8.00 Ė 10.00
In aid of Senior Citizens Outings
The overall feeling about our Open Weekend was that it was well worth doing. It was lovely to welcome people into our church, some from the Luton Circuit but many from the villages. It was not a rush like the Good-As-New sales and Autumn Fayre (all over and done with in the first hour and a half!). We had time to talk with people, sit and have a cup of tea and listen to their stories. We met people who had met at Aley Green church and gone on to get married. We heard their memories. We were asked about christenings. The register of Baptisms, which goes back to 1954, was looked at time and time again. We printed off a booklet ĎA bit about usÖ..í and people took these away with them and signed and wrote messages in our visitors book. We hope and pray that some of these people will return to Aley Green to worship with us on Sunday mornings. As many of you will know, our weekly attendance for Sunday mornings is between six and eight people (once the Sunday school and their teachers have gone out to their classes). We have seen the chapels in slip end, Woodside and Pepperstock close. We hope and pray this will not happen to Aley Green. As the post office would say ĎUse us or lose usí. Our future is in your hands.
Saturday 8th May 9am cake stall outside the Co-op Caddington in aid of church funds. Saturday 22nd May 2.30pm Good as New Sale at the church. Shirts, blouses, trousers and skirts 40p each or 3 for a pound. Dresses, coats and jackets £1 each. Household items, books, toys and plants for sale. Childrenís clothes from 10p. Teas will be served in the school room where home made cakes and preserves will be for sale. Come along and pick up a bargain or two.
Yours in Christ, Aley Green Methodist Church - Anne Meader

For use by residents of Slip End and District, our Bottle Bank is situated in the Frog and Rhubarb car park in Church Road. This is supplied and operated by SBDC to improve and increase glass recycling. 

We are very grateful for all the knitters out there that have been busy knitting away ready for the next lot of shoeboxes and would like to thank you all. Special thanks to Mrs Lee of Brickhill Farm, Pepperstock and Sheila Willis from Caddington who have donated bags of wool. Some has already gone to the Over 60ís club in Caddington who are making good use of it. Donít forget if you want to join our Knitting Club (we meet once a month) or you need some wool to start your knitting, contact Teresa Willson on 01582 482681
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday May 12th at 7.30pm Ė please come along, we would love you to join us. Ring Teresa for the venue. 
Thank you again for all your support, 
Teresa Willson & Sue Cowell

Plans are well advanced for the Brownies 90th Birthday Celebrations. Donít forget, we want as many of our past Brownies, from the past thirty years or so, to come along. So call Gillian on 01582 723109 or Barbara on 01582 414796.
Coffee Morning & Ploughmanís Lunch
Thanks to all those who supported this event last month, and to those who gave donations. A total of £137 has been sent off to Pasque and Keech Cottage Hospice.

Our Car Boot Sale on Easter Monday was a great success! The weather was kind to us. If you were not able to get along and put your name forward for our Annual Outing on June 5th, please call Gillian on 723109, giving your name and address and meal preference, fish & chips or Salad. To be eligible for the outing you need to be a Senior Citizen, resident in Slip End, Pepperstock or Woodside.

Vegetable Garden

Cover potato haulms if frost threatens. Prepare ground for marrows, pumpkins and tomatoes outdoors. Sow French beans, maincrop carrots, runner beans. Plant out late summer cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts.

Flower Garden
Plant out young dahlias when danger of frost is over, protecting the plants with newspaper if the weather turns cold. Plant out chrysanthemums and remove all dead blooms from daffodils and hyacinths.

Trees shrubs, roses & fruit
Spray roses regularly against greenfly; leaves that become rolled up contain either a small green caterpillar of the Tortrix moth or a small grey-green grub of the saw-fly. Pick the leaves off, burn them or tread them underfoot: either method does the trick against these little blighters!
Tender, young shrubs should be planted out and kept well watered. Complete the planting of evergreens, keeping the newly planted shrubs moist at the roots and spray the foliage with water in the evenings during dry or windy weather. Moist fruit contains high proportion of water and will benefit from watering during dry spells. Apart from its direct effect on fruit size and quality, water applied when the trees and bushes are short of it will produce plants, which will bear larger crops in following years. To avoid overdoing growth, water mainly during the fruit swelling stage: water strawberries during ripening.
Feed and spray all fruiting trees and bushes: remove overcrowded and surplus shoots.

I thought that I would start with the Crime Figures for the Parish. These have not been available for a couple of months and many people have asked about them. I have a set of figures for February and March 2004.
Domestic Situation :1. Theft (Other): 3. Theft from Motor Vehicle: 6. Burglary Dwelling: 3. Criminal Damage (Vehicle): 2.
So, as you will see the crimes are varied, once again though, vehicle crime still makes up most of the figures. Please make sure your vehicles are secure and that you leave nothing in them to tempt the thieves. 
Parish Annual General Meeting
This takes place, along with the Parish Council meeting, on the 10 May (which is the second Monday in the month because of the May Day Bank Holiday). 
Crawley Playground
Would parents, carers and young people please take care when using the slide part of the equipment in the playground? About a month ago it was vandalised in that the two barriers at the top of the slide were removed quite deliberately. The strange thing about all this is it must have taken ages because it requires a special key. The two frames were left lying about in the playground. There is no reason or excuse for this sort of quite wanton and dangerous destruction. The only people who can put this together again are the makers, Messsrs. Wickstead and they can't get down to fix it just yet. What do we do? Well, apart from closing the playground to the public, all we can do is to let people know to take care on this piece of play equipment.
If only the vandals who did this applied themselves to their studies etc., they could have perhaps found the cure for cancer or a road map for world peace given the time it must have taken for them to loosen off these frames. I sometimes despair!
Nothing else to report at this time, I hope to have more for you next month.
Christine Benson.
Slip End Parish Council.


James Macfarlane a vet, from the Icknield Veterinary Group came to give us an insight into his work. He certainly knew how to put his subject across. He was very humorous but sensitive and had slides, which he had taken to help with his stories. The position for a vetís job is over six times subscribed these days where it used to be quite easy to qualify. Dogs and cats didnít really get a mention as his love is the larger creatures, cows, horses, sheep, water buffalo and yes, ostrich and llama. We were put in the picture of how the outbreak of foot and mouth started and how it finished. It was heart breaking for all the farmers and the vets who had to put to sleep newly born healthy animals as well as those infected. I could have wept just listening. We were told what big softies the water buffalo are; they come to you for a fuss just like a family pet. It was lovely. 
It is RESOLUTION time again when subjects we feel need voting on to put to the country as a whole. This year we feel the government seem to have beaten us to it but that is just our (Caddington) opinion. 
We meet 3rd Tuesday in the month at Caddington Baptist Church Hall 7.30 Ė 10pm.

Do come and join us. See you there,
Patricia Crick. 

Free Dental Check-ups for Cats & Dogs
Dogs and cats across the UK will be grinning in June thanks to Pet Smile Month, supported by Bonio and Felix Denta Paw.

Now in its fifth year Pet Smile Month will offer free dental check-up's for dogs and cats throughout June to encourage owners to take responsibility for their pets' teeth, an aspect of pet care that is often overlooked.
An estimated 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three need dental treatment. Dental disease can lead to much more serious problems; with the spread of infection leading to damaged kidneys and heart disease. So it's important that people ensure their pet's teeth are regularly checked and Pet Smile Month is a great way to start.
Owners who want to take advantage of a free dental check-up for their pet should contact their own vet to see if it is a registered Pet Smile Month practice. If they are not, log on to and tap in your postcode for a list of local participating vets or telephone 08714 24-25-26. Owners will also receive a goody bag when they visit their vet for a dental check up containing either Bonio or Felix Denta Paw.
Bob Partridge, vet and founder of Pet Smile Month, explains the importance of dental hygiene "Brushing your pets' teeth regularly is an area that is often forgotten about as getting a toothbrush near to a pet's mouth can be very difficult. Pet owners do need to persevere as dental disease can affect the whole body if left unattended, it's not just a matter of bad breath".

Pet Smile Month sponsors, Bonio & Felix have some top tips for keeping your pet's mouth & teeth as healthy as can be:
1. Start cleaning teeth as soon as you get a new puppy or kitten

2. With older pets start now, it's never too late

3. Discuss teeth cleaning & preventative care with your vet

4. Clean teeth regularly, preferably daily and make it fun with a pet treat at the end

5. Don't use human toothpaste consult your vet

6. To help keep your dog's teeth clean feed Bonio biscuits which are proven to reduce the build-up of plaque by 20% and tartar by 25% when fed regularly

7. Feed your cat Felix Denta Paw, scientifically proven to reduce the build up of tartar by 29% when fed everyday for 28 days

8. If there is pain, bad breath, redness, bleeding or broken teeth book an appointment with your vet immediately.

For more information on Pet Smile Month please contact Becky Rawlings on 020 7802 8111 or

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