September Parish News


Services & Events during September
Midweek Communions take place monthly at two venues in Slip End, details from Joy.

Thursday 2nd       8:00pm       Footsteps meet in the Family Room
Saturday 4th         2:00pm      Holy Matrimony: Wendy Deardon & Lee Hayward
                            3:30pm       Holy Matrimony: Ann Miller & John Styles
Sunday 5th           10:30am     Family Service
Wednesday 8th    10:30am     Pram Service in the Family Room
Saturday 11th       10am-6pm Historic Churches Sponsored Bike Ride
Sunday 12th         10:30am     Morning Praise
                             2:30pm     St Andrew’s Ramblers meet at church
                            6:15pm      3:16 meet in the Family Room
Thursday 16th       8:00pm      Footsteps meet in the Family Room
Sunday 19th         10:30am     Holy Communion
Wednesday 22nd 10:30am    Pram Service in the Family Room 
Friday 24th          2:30pm       Harvest Festival at Slip End School
Sunday 26th        10:30am     Harvest Festival at St Andrew’s
                            3:00pm      Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity, East Hyde
                            6:15pm      3:16 meet at 23 Claydown Way
Thursday 30th      8:00pm      Footsteps meet in the Family Room

Friday 1st            2:30pm     Service at Woodside Home
                           7:00pm     Harvest Supper in the Village Hall

After the holidays things are back in full swing: Youth Groups resume and Harvest events have come round again. We look forward to a busy and enjoyable month.

Harvest Time in Slip End
Harvest Festivities are plentiful, taking place in churches and out! Make sure to get your Harvest Supper tickets, see advertisement elsewhere in this issue of Parish News. It is a busy time for many and we are grateful to those who can give some help, of their time and talents in providing for the various events. 
In particular help will be needed at the Village Hall during the afternoon of 1st October and with the distribution of Harvest Gifts the preceding week.

Again, we look forward to Entertainment and Fine Fare at the Harvest Supper, including our famous home baked potatoes and fruit pies.

Historic Churches - Sponsored Bike Ride
We will be taking part in the event again in two ways. On 11th, some of us will be walking around Luton churches to raise some sponsored money for the annual Historic Churches appeal. Others of us will be welcoming visitors from near and far, at St Andrew’s with rest, refreshment and hospitality.
Here in Slip End we may be seeking some benefit in the future from the Historic Churches Trust as we get to grips with building work at St Andrew’s. This is perceived as involving the whole Parish Community, so if you want to know a bit more, why not drop in at St Andrew’s on the 11th? The church will be open all day, so take the opportunity for an informal look around (inside and out), some chat and refreshments. You may also be subject to a little light sponsorship pressure, in aid of the Historic Churches Trust! 

Anyone for a Stroll? 

Sue Wiltshire has lead a number of walks in the past couple of years, generally on a Sunday afternoon, once a month. This month the walk is will take place on the 12th in the Pulloxhill area. We’ll meet as usual at 2:30 outside the church and go off by car, so a few cars would be handy. Everyone welcome: call Brian Church on 458443 for more details.

Thank You!
Gillian and Michael Plummer have written to Parish News, thanking all those who sent greetings cards during their recent Ruby Wedding Celebrations. 

Harvest Time
The results of this season should be harvested ready for conditioning the ground for winter sweetening. A much better season than all the dryness and dustiness we had last year, yields are much better. Beet, carrots, potatoes can be lifted and stored; carrots and beet in boxes of sand, potatoes in clamps. Parsnips are better left in to be improved by frost. Cauliflowers should have a leaf or two bent over the curds for protection until wanted in the kitchen. If they are not in yet and you’ve not done it already, bend onion stems over close to the bulb. Then when they are dry, get them in and hang them in a dry airy place like this, for keeping until needed. Watch out for rot and at the first sign clean and peel affected onions, then chop and freeze.

In the flower garden take bedding plant cuttings, prune rambling roses and plant out early flowing bulbs.
Keep a sharp eye on apples and pears and continue to pick as soon as they are ripe. Some types can be picked early before fully ripened to finish off in storage.
Rent & Membership Fees are payable on September 24th at 9 Markyate Road, 6:30 to 7:30pm. If you have been thinking of taking on an allotment, get in touch!


God made day and God made night,
He split the darkness from the light.
God made you and God made me,
And God made the animals A to Z!
God made the seas and the dry land too,
He made the flowers and the sky so blue. 
God made you and God made me,
And God made the animals A to Z!
God made the stars shining way up high,
He made the birds and put them in the sky. 
God made you and God made me,
And God made the animals A to Z!
God made the sun and God made the moon,
He made the ants and the silly baboon. 
God made you and God made me,
And God made the animals A to Z!

This “Creation Song” was sung to us by the children at our Sunday School Anniversary in July when the theme of our service was “Living under the same sky”. This was lead by six Sunday School teachers and 17 of our 21 children and it was so good to see the church packed.
On Sunday 5th September Rev. Beryl Lucas will lead worship and Holy Communion; then on September 11th from 9am we will be having a cake stall again outside the Co-op in Caddington in aid of National Children’s Homes. n September 18th we will be having a Preserve Stall at the 3rd Caddington Village Show at Heathfield School, 2pm.
Our Harvest festival Family Service will be September 19th and the following day at 7:30pm the produce will be autioned in aid of the Methodist Relief & development Fund. Finally, we will be holding our Autumn Fayre at the church from 2:30pm.
We are each of us angels with only one wing,
And we can fly only by embracing one another
Luciano di Crescenzo

With love and prayers from all of us at Aley Green Methodist church.
Ann Meader

Flower Festival
Our neighbours at All Saints, Caddington are holding a Flower Festival over the weekend of September 17th – 19th. The theme is close to the hearts of many of us here, “Gardeners Delight”, with gardening as he main feature. As many Caddingtonians came to our Open Gardens Day recently it would be good to support them as they endeavour to raise funds for restoration of this ancient church.

Parish News Scoop of the Month!
Here’s a recipe you will not find in any of Deliah’s Books. Sally Gray’s Gooseberry Fool is delicious, full of tangy, fruity flavour, a no-nonsense, adult dessert! Sally produced some at a Bar-B-Que in June and she provided the recipe by popular request.

Sally’s Gooseberry Fool
I discovered this delectable dessert by accident when I put too much water into the gooseberries and made a very thin puree which was full of flavour! So I then had to thicken it somehow, hence the gelatine and thick yoghurt.

First pick your gooseberries (a 500gram punnet will do) then top, tail and wash. Add water to about half the depth of the fruit in the saucepan; boil until soft then allow to cool. Sieve the pulp to remove pips then warm and add sugar to taste. Measure the puree in a pint jug and warm again. Add one sachet of gelatine for each pint of puree and stir till dissolved and then leave to cool slightly until lukewarm. Stir in 5ozs Greek yoghurt, or Elmlea (double or whipped), or cream per pint of puree and pour into bowl or mould. Leave to set in the fridge.

A driving need
for pensioners

Contact the Elderly are a group of volunteer drivers and hosts in Luton who help alleviate the loneliness felt by elderly people living alone without family support. 
We are searching for volunteers with cars who have an afternoon spare once a month (or whenever they can) to help us to get to the local venues and join us all for Sunday tea. 

We take the same 10 to 12 elderly people out to Sunday tea once a month. Each driver collects two elderly people from their homes and take them to the home of the volunteer host, a different local host each month. The opportunity for companionship is a lifeline for some – they love to chat and catch up over a brew and homemade tea.
Ivy, who is 96 says, “I look forward to it every single month. It’s difficult for me to get out because I don’t see well enough, so I’m alone much of the time. I get picked up and taken to some lovely houses where we meet the nicest people and have a delicious tea. Whoever thought up the idea is wonderful.”
Please call us if you think you can help with driving, or hosting once a year in your home. All that’s needed is a downstairs cloakroom and a huge teapot! 
Freephone: 0800 716543 

Trefor Hooker from Lower Woodside has been in touch about Broadband availability in the locality. Parish News would be interested to hear from Bedfordshire County Council about these initiatives or indeed from anyone in our neighbourhood having Broadband experiences.
Although general advice has been that Broadband is not available in our locality, experience is that some can/some can’t get access. Presumably, as Trefor suggests, this depends upon line distances and the current arrangements at our local BT exchanges? 
Meantime, for the increasing numbers of us who use the Internet and e-mail, Parish News suggests that contacts are made as suggested in Trefor’s item: 
And why not a local area wireless network?

I'm sure that most of you are aware that Broadband is not available to most people in the Village. This is due to the fact that most of us are too far from the Luton Telephone Exchange. 

However, Bedfordshire County Council has an initiative to provide Broadband to the whole of Bedfordshire by the end of 2005. There was to be an initial £200 set-up Fee, with a monthly subscription of £20 per Month (incl. vat). Unfortunately Slip End, Pepperstock and Woodside were not one of the initial chosen Villages for this Service. 

I have been in contact with the Service Provider, Mesh Broadband. The good news is that they are now prepared to make us one of the first Villages to have access to this Service. The even better news is that if we register our interest by the end of September, we will not have to pay the £200 set-up fee! 

Registering your interest is very simple. All you have to do is send your name, address (with postcode), telephone number and email address to:

Suzanne Gardner
Mesh Broadband
Suite 8 Chichester House
45 Chichester Road
Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 2JU.

As you can easily imagine, there will be a minimum number of people needed to make this whole thing work. Assuming enough people register their interest, Suzanne will then get back in touch asking you to convert your interest into a firm Order. If you have any questions you can contact Suzanne. I have found her very helpful when I have spoken to her. She can be contacted on 01702 440275. 

Alternatively, there is more information at their Web Site,
If you are interested can I please ask you to register? It is extremely unlikely we will be able to get Broadband in the Village by any other means within the foreseeable future. And remember, register before the end of August to save £200.

Parish News has taken a look at  the Website mentioned there by Trefor. We would recommend, to all those who have interest in these matters, that you take a look right away! However, latest BT information suggests that, at least in Crawley Close, their exchange is upgraded. Does this apply everywhere in the Parish?

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