July Parish News


On July 22nd we say farewell to Vicki, Suzie, Mary and David. There is a "Church Family Picnic" at 1pm in the Vicarage grounds. If you haven't been to one before, bring a contribution of food for the tables, your own cutlery, crockery and chair. Tea, coffee and squash will be provided, but other contributions are always welcome. If you can't make the Picnic, do call in anytime in the afternoon or early evening to say farewell.

What will happen once the Vicar has gone?
Everything will continue as usual! We have some visiting preachers for those Sundays where we have a Communion Service, and the variety should be quite stimulating.
The administration of our life and activities will be taken on by a team from within the P.C.C. Whatever your query ring any of the telephone numbers and they will help sort it out. Details for News sheets should go directly to Lorraine Crossett.

My - how the time has flown. It doesn't seem more than a few years since David and his lovely family appeared on the scene. In fact it was 1985 when they arrived and we have managed to track down a copy of the induction details - see following article.
We have lots to thank David for and I hope you will be able to come and say your own thanks on Sunday 22nd July.


A former Luton curate, the Rev David Bolster (right) was inducted as Vicar of St Andrew's Woodside, last week. The service was performed by the Bishop of Bedford, the Right Rev David Farnbrough. Mr Bolster was curate of St Hugh's, Lewsey, for three years. Before training for the ministry he was head of the theology department at a school in Mill Hill, London, and has also worked for the Scripture Union in Bristol. He and his wife Mary have two sons, Kevin 12, and Christopher, ten and a four year old daughter Suzanne. The new vicar's joint benefice includes Holy Trinity, East Hyde. His Woodside parish also covers Slip End, Pepperstock, Aley Green and parts of Stockwood.


We were given a report of the I.G.M. meeting held at Cardiff by our president Mrs S Coleman. She was representing four W.I.'s and explained that her arms had to do a double take when voting! Prunella Scales, actress, was one of the speakers but rather disappointing. Could it have been Mr Blair's shadow was lurking from last year!
The speaker for June, Jeanette Evans gave us an insight into Hedgehog Rescue. It was quite upsetting to hear of the awful conditions they are left in after accidents. Milk put out for them will prove fatal, water is a must and if you wish to feed one, dog or cat food, no gravy and no fish are the rules. If you do see one during the day it will probably be unwell as healthy ones only come out at night. Hedgehogs were mentioned in the Bible but as lots of other wildlife they seem to be disappearing fast. The evening finished with the old favourite - a Beetle Drive.
Forthcoming Meetings
July 17th Flower Arranging
Aug 21st Thatching
Sept 18th Birthday meeting

3rd Tuesday in the month 7.30 - 10
at Collingswell VC Memorial Hall
A warm welcome awaits, see you there
Patricia Crick

1921 - 2001
Cyril was born in Slip End in 1921 and quickly overcame the handicaps of his disability. He attended Slip End Village School as there were no special schools for the disabled in those days and was determined not to let anything beat him. He enjoyed writing and painting and sports and games. He also went to the Slip End Youth Club, joining in with the other children and helping with the gramophone. He started work with the Luton Hat Trade and made deliveries on his bike and later he worked with the council until the outbreak of the second world war. He then became a messenger for the Eastern Command and the American Army Unit, which was based in Luton. After the war Cyril joined Percival Aircraft at Luton Airport, which later became Hunting Aircraft and then into the British Aircraft Corporation until it sadly shut down in 1966. He married Edie in 1955 and set up home in Front Street and had many happy years there before he moved to Caddington Hall nearby. One of his greatest talents was darts and he played for the Slip End Darts team for over twenty five years - a true darts expert. When he was asked by the Luton News in 1961 what had kept him trying more than anything else, he replied "I thought there were many chaps much worse off than myself and that urged me on. I'm perfectly happy as I am, and I never miss the dart board!"

Cyril Ham - a true gentleman blessed with patience, determination and courage.
Edie Ham and family wish to thank you all for your support, help, kindness and prayers in the loss of Cyril. Special thanks to David and Julie in leading the funeral service, which was a lovely tribute to his life. Thank you also to the many friends who came and shared the day with us.
Yours with many blessings Edie

Nobody is gone unless you want them to go. If you don't want them to go, then they will be with you forever.
Give me….. the sun in the morning to brighten my day, the moon at night to lighten my way. A word with a friend, a smile from a stranger, God's guiding hand to keep me from danger.


Basically this is a cry for help from Slip End Playgroup. We are currently very low on children attending Playgroup  and consequently are running at a loss. At a meeting last week we took the decision that we would keep Playgroup open until July but after that we may have to close down permanently. In order for Playgroup to keep going we need 200 a term.

What we are after is boosting our numbers and also getting some sponsorship to tide us over during this lean period. The staff and Playgroup Committee are desperate to keep going. Please contact Alison Whittaker on 450084 or email Duncan.Whittaker@btinternet.com
See their webpage

GET FIT IN 2001!!!
For nearly two years now I have been teaching aerobics/body conditioning at Peter Edwards Memorial Hall, Church Road, Slip End. I qualified with the YMCA/RSA examining board in London just over seven years ago and taught in and around the surrounding areas until relocating to Bedfordshire approximately 5 years ago. With two young children now on the scene (4 and 2 years of age), I have managed to maintain my interest in the fitness industry. As we all know, there are new approaches to exercise coming out all the time and it is difficult to keep up with the latest method. What I have tried to do is to teach a class that combines a whole range of exercises but also ensuring that the routines are basic and effective as possible. There really is no point in trying to teach complex routines for individuals who are not always able to attend as regularly as they would like because too much time would be spent trying to learn and less time would be spent on carrying out the exercise.
I have recently introduced latex bands to my class and this is proving to be very successful. The band provides greater resistance to each exercise undertaken and is excellent for muscle conditioning and toning. One of the advantages of attending classes is that there is no membership fee or the pressure of having to pay beforehand. Please telephone me for more information or just turn up! The fee is 3.00 per person and the class is held every Wednesday from 8.00pm to 9.00pm. Beginners are very welcome!!
Deborah Campbell Tel: 01582 767916.

One of the first patients that the student nurse had was a little girl who had spent considerable time in the hospital. She seemed relaxed and familiar with everything. The nurse was to count her heartbeat and nervously rehearsed in her mind what she had to do. After warming the metal she placed the stethoscope on the little girl's chest and listened intently but heard nothing. Not daring to look at the child's parents for fear of upsetting them she glanced at the child's face and moved the stethoscope slightly. The child smiled shyly and whispered, "Nurse, you have to put the ear pieces in your ears."

There's been a change at the top!
Liz Higgens has relinquished the financial job and Sue Horton has taken over the quill pen and ledgers. Both ladies have served the interests of Parish News in various ways in the past; Sue helped with distribution a while ago and Liz, as well as her more recent stint as treasurer, was a one time editor.
So it is with thanks to them that we say to one "au revoir" and the other "welcome back".

Our thanks to David Kingston for the group photo of the Club in the June Parish News. What readers did not know was that David had joined two photos together, a professional job - well done David. (With a little help from Bill Gates - dgk)
Thursday 14th June was our days outing to Southend and forty eight members climbed aboard the coach for what turned out to be a most enjoyable day.
Our next outing is to Eastbourne on 19th July and we hope to have a report in the August issue of Parish News. Information on outings planned for the Autumn should be in the September issue.

Everybody enjoyed the sponsored toddle and luckily it didn't rain on us. After all their hard 'toddling' the children were rewarded with a picnic of juice, crisps and chocolate. Money raised through sponsors goes to Dr Barnado's and Toddler Group funds.

Urgent - Volunteers Needed!
Unfortunately Toddler Group will shortly have to say goodbye to Eleanor Larsen, one of our W.I. tea ladies. She will be greatly missed and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her very much for all her help over the last few years. Our remaining helper, Sue now needs a new partner! Are there any willing volunteers out there? We are open on a Tuesday afternoon from 1.30 to 3.00 pm The job involves making tea for the mum's and juice for the children. If you are interested please contact: Hannah on 734898 or Liz on 450849.
We will be meeting as a group throughout the summer holidays at different location each week. All toddlers, siblings and carers are welcome to join us. For more information please come and join us on a Tuesday.
Liz Meleady

We were so pleased to see so many people at our last good as new sale in May. It was decided before the sale that all money taken from tea and cake sales would go to Christian Aid. We were thrilled to send off the sum of 51.44. (the most money we have ever taken in our tea room) The Good as New sale itself raised 273.72 for our roofing fund. Thank you for your support.
Saturday 7th July 2.30 - 5.30
Strawberry teas at the home of Jeff and Barbara Horton 11 Mardle Close, Caddington (off Mancroft Road). As well as teas, there will be home made cakes, jams, jellies, chutneys and marmalade for sale. Come along and treat yourself. All money raised at this event is going towards our roofing fund.
Saturday July 14th 5.30 - 9.30
Philip and Sue Sowley are hosting our Aley Green BBQ to raise money for the church organ fund at 116 Chaul End Road, Caddington. If you would like to come please ring them for your ticket on Tel: 480875.
Friday 20th July 6.30 - 9.30
We will be opening our church for a Beetle Drive. Adults 3.00 and children 2.00, this includes a Bangers n Mash meal with fruit and jelly. there will be prizes to win. The last Beetle Drive raised 97.80 for Methodist Homes for the Aged. This one will raise money for a new Church Organ. For your ticket ring 733668 (Ann).

A farmer was talking to his solicitor before a case. The solicitor assured the farmer that he would get him off. "But wouldn't it help if I sent the judge a couple of ducks?" asked the farmer. "Good gracious no. That would go against you. The judge would consider it bribery."
After the case the solicitor congratulated the farmer when he was found not guilty. "There you are," he said. "I told you I would get you off." "Yes I know," said the farmer, "I sent the two ducks in the other chap's name."

Scolding his son for his lazy attitude towards homework, a father asked, "Do you know what Abraham Lincoln used to do at your age?" "No I don't" his son replied, "but he was president of America at yours."

Tom had this problem of getting up late for work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn't do something about it. So Tom went to his doctor, who gave him a pill and told him to take it before he went to bed. Tom slept well and, in fact, beat the alarm in the morning. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work. "Boss," he said, "the pill actually worked!" "That's fine," said his boss, "But where were you yesterday?"


We can all do things to help protect and improve our environment.
But what?
Take local air pollution. You and your children's health could be at risk. Local pollution, such as car fumes, can aggravate asthma but you can help by, where possible, not using your car for short journeys, sharing car journeys with friends and family and having your car serviced regularly.
Pollution is affecting the whole world. The burning of fuel in power stations and oil refineries provides you with the energy you use in your home and car. This burning of fuel also pumps out 'greenhouse gases' which lead to climate change. In the UK this could mean more floods and storms, drier summers and wetter winters. You can do your bit to fight climate change and save money at the same time by saving energy and resources.
My life is too busy
But, a little thought about your everyday actions and how they affect the environment can really make a difference. Making a few changes in what you do at home, at work, when shopping or getting about is all that you need to do.
More next month………….

If you can build a head, when lead or second are playing wide, or narrow or too short, and third, upon whose skill you always reckoned is doing anything but what he ought.
If you can win, and not be too uplifted, or lose, and not be downcast by defeat, remembering that the lucky or the gifted, can, on their off days both be badly beat.
If you can smile, and not give way to cursing, or blame the green, or deem your luck too hard when the position you've been grimly nursing is shattered by a drive you could not guard.
If you can draw the shot right on the kitty when half a dozen woods are in your way.
If you can grin and hum a cheerful ditty when ends are burnt and jack is out of play.
If you can give your third the hand you favour and see him take the other and go wide, and then go down, and try and draw a saver with the kitty guarded well on every side.
If you can drive and miss, and not be worried by your opponent's shout of "still we lie", and draw again with heart and brain unflurried and tap the winning wood and make it fly.
If you can draw the shot in that last minute
when yells are called and something must be done.
Yours is the game and you deserve to win it, and what is more, you'll be a skip, my son.

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