Vegetable Garden
In the allotment there is plenty to do. Peas should be gathered as soon as the pods are full, or else they toughen. Lift early potatoes, pick runner and French beans as they become big enough. All root crops need attention for loosening earth, watering, hoeing, weeding. Continue to plant out all manner of winter greens. Autumn sown onions should now have completed their growth and ripened their bulbs, so you may as well lift them now.
Fruit and flower garden
Cut off faded flowers from time to time. Lift tulips and hyacinths. Continue to bud rose stock and prune. Summer prune cherries and plums, thin apples and pears and pick fruit as it is ready. Burn straw on strawberry beds and peg down runners.

1st & 2nd Woodside Brownies


Holiday's around
the World

Wednesday July 11th at 6.15 pm

Slip End Village Hall

Admission only 50p.

In aid of Keech Cottage Hospice

Refreshments and raffle.

Please give us your support so that we
can support the Keech Cottage Hospice.
Tickets available from Gillian - 723109.

Saturday June 2nd saw two coaches leave Slip End for Weston Super Mare. There were some showers on the way, which lead to lovely sunshine when we arrived at our destination.
After leaving the coach everyone went their own way and met back at the Nook and Harbour Restaurant at 4.30pm for a meal of Fish & Chips or Salad, which everyone enjoyed. At 6.00pm we got back on the coaches for a pleasant journey back home and arrived back in Slip End at 9.45pm.
Gillian Plummer

I would like to say thank you to all my customers who are supporting me with
my plant sale, your custom is very much appreciated and I hope that we shall
have a hot summer so you can enjoy your plants - happy gardening. Plants are still on sale for those who still wish to come along.
Hilary Macdonald

The new Slip End Parish Council will meet at the Village Hall on the first Monday of each month. The meetings start at 8pm and are expected to last approximately 1 hour. At the end of each meeting there is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions or raise any concerns they may have.
Dates of meetings for this year are below.
Monday 2nd July`
Monday 6tthAugust Monday 3rdSeptember
Monday 1stOctober
Monday 5thNovember
Monday 3rdDecember

Margaret Knight makes a welcome return to Music at St Andrews on Sunday 15th July. Many people remember the excellent and entertaining performance she gave on her last visit. Margaret is a highly accomplished singer and harpist. Not only does she perform throughout the UK, but is also no stranger to the international scene. She has played and sung in countries as diverse as Japan and Russia. There are currently plans for a tour of Australia. Margaret does, of course, enjoy the added distinction of being a Slip End resident





Sunday 15th July, 7.30 pm

Tickets 6.00, concessions 5.00 (price includes wine and light refreshments)

Proceeds in aid of the Keech Cottage Hospice

Tickets available on the door or by calling 01582 404988/424363

We have recently helped several people to recondition their precious old family pictures, which have suffered through the years with cracks, fading, folding and lifted emulsion. Modern technology is used to repair all this and printing and framing works wonders.If you would like help with your photos, call David Kingston on (01582) 416138

Now is a very important time in the history of our community!
Firstly: The newly elected Slip End Parish Council is now firmly in place!
The establishment of our own council has taken years to come to fruition and there has no doubt been a lot of hard work on the Parish Councillors as they worked with the various bodies to achieve a council specific to the needs of our locality. We at Parish News pass our thanks to those who were involved in this process, welcome new elected councilors, who stood for election to our expanded local council representation.
Parish News looks forward to liaising with the Parish Council and urge the community to support the efforts of those who work on local councils in the interests of the community.

Second major item relates to aircraft nuisance, under which we suffer. Parish News representative attended a recent airport consultative committee meeting at the South Bedfordshire District Coucil offices in Dunstable. This is a very broad committee representing many bodies, near and far. The public gallery was full, mainly of our local folk, reflecting strength of opinion in our neck of the woods. Although a very technical subject, main business of this meeting was to discuss revised aircraft departure routes to the west of Luton Airport. Our immediate concern is that of aircraft noise and a proposal supported by county councilor Richard Stay, was under discussion. It may be unfortunate for us that the committee rejected the proposal, under pressure from representation from, amongst others, Harpenden and the Vale of Aylesbury. It is hoped that we hear more from our local councilors about the impact of this decision as it effects those living close the airport.

Finally: we say goodbye this month to David and Mary Bolster, who are leaving us this month. Vicar of St Andrew's Church, David has become well known to many of us in the community, not only the St Andrew's congregation, but to many groups and individuals. Mary will be missed by many as well, and remembered for her charitable projects which have been supported by people throughout the village.
After 16 years working with us in the country parishes of Woodside and neighbouring East Hyde, the contrast of their new situation in north London is striking. New challenges will be presented and we at Parish News are confident that David and Mary will respond successfully.
They will be a hard act to follow and we wish them well!

Diary Page w.e.f. July
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Parish News distribution queries? Please contact Brian Church on 01 582 458443
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Editors Choice :

If you should find the perfect church without one fault or smear.
For goodness sake don't join that church, you'd spoil the atmosphere.
If you should find the perfect church where all anxieties cease,
then pass it by, lest joining it you spoil the masterpiece.
If you should find the perfect church then don't you ever dare,
to tread upon such Holy Ground, you'd be a misfit there.
But since no perfect church exists, made of perfect men,
let's cease on looking for that church and love the church we're in.
Of course, it's not the perfect church, that's simple to discern,
But you and I and all of us, could cause the tide to turn.
What fools we are to flee our past, in that unfruitful search,
To find, at last, where problems loom, God proudly builds His church.