September Parish News


Services for September

Holy Communion each Thursday at 10.30
2nd 10.0011.00 Family Service Informal Communion
9th 10.30 Morning Praise
12th 10.30 Pram Service
16th 10.30 Holy Communion
23rd 10.30 Morning Praise
26th 10.30 Pram Service
30th 10.30 Morning Praise
26th 2.30 Woodside Home Service
We have just entered an interregnum, which means for the coming months we will be without a vicar. If you would like to contact someone relating to matters that you would normally talk to the vicar about, then visit our "Who Does What" page to find the relative contact. You are assured of a friendly, sympathetic and professional response. We have formed an "Administration Team" to look after day to day matters during the interregnum:
Administrator: Lorraine Crossett 414168
Churchwardens: Eileen Crapnell 721840
& Roger Duncombe 404988
Lay Reader: Julie Flashman 451002
PCC Lay Chairman: David Kingston 416138

Although it's the middle of the holiday time this has been a busy time! Members of St Andrew's and Holy Trinity East Hyde Church Councils met the Bishop of Bedford, John Richardson, the Archdeacon of Bedford, Malcolm Lesiter and the Area Deanery Lay Chairman, Clive Richardson. We are now in the early stages of finding a priest, of either gender, to replace David. St Andrew's Churchwardens and Geoff Bannister from East Hyde have been appointed as Parish Representatives who will take a part in the selection process.
It is anticipated that the interregnum will last at least eight months and it is usual practice for the Diocese to let vicarages during interregna.
With East Hyde, we have been working on a "Parish Profile" which will be sent to clergy who express interest in coming to us. The profile spells out, in some detail, who we are and what we are about. This will be ready within a couple of weeks and a copy will be available in church for you to take a look.
We are settling into a valuable period of "self-help" with assistance from outside. The PCC is appreciative and encouraged by prayer and support, particularly for Julie and those who have taken on extra duties at this time, from our people. Thank you, please keep it up.

Organ Fund Events
Although it rained on July 14th, our Sunday School Bar-B-Que went ahead and we raised 127.
The Beetle Drive on July 20th was great fun and we raised another 90 for the organ fund.
Good as New Sale
On Saturday September 8th we will be holding a Good as New sale, so come and have a look around the clothes (for all ages and sizes), books, toys and household items. Teas will be served in the schoolroom with homemade jams, chutneys, jellies, marmalades and cakes all for sale. So come along and pick up a bargain or two.
Harvest Festival
Our Harvest Festival and Family Service will be held on Sunday September 23rd at 11.00am and everyone is welcome to join us. Next day at 7.30pm we will be auctioning the harvest goods. All money raised will go to the Methodist Relief and Development Fund.
Future Notice: we will be holding our Autumn Fair on Saturday 13th October; more news next month.
Yours in Christ, Ann Meader

None of us can do great things, only small things with great love.
Mother Teresa

We have received the following letter from Keech Cottage Hospice:
Dear Brownies,
I am writing on behalf of the Hospice. Thank you for your kind donation of 211, which you raised by your performance of "Holiday around the World".
Keech Cottage provides emotional and practical support for families facing the loss of their child. Providing this care costs over 1 million each year and, as a charity, we are dependent upon donations from the local community to fund this valuable service. Your donation will help make a real difference to local families who need special care.
Thank you once again for your donation; it is very much appreciated.
R. Webb

Vegetable Garden
When first early potatoes are finished, make a start on the second earlies or mid-season varieties. Lift a few roots at a time, as you require them. Onions from January to March sowings will be ready soon; hasten things by bending the leaves over, just above the neck of each bulb.
Make preparations on the allotment or vegetable plot for next year, already! Clear and dig when peas and beans are done and think about the rotation plan in deciding what will go there next year.
Flower and Fruit Garden
You can continue to bud both fruit and rose stock throughout the month; remove faded flowers and runners.
Chrysanthemums should be budded and side shoots rubbed out. If red spider appears in the flower bed, syringe thoroughly. Plant early bulbs, like snowdrops, for next year.
Pick and prune apples and pears; look out for and treat American blight on apples.
As an aside, think about entering your best produce in local Fruit & Vegetable shows. Last year, Val Church, one of our keenest allotment holders, scooped the silver at the Caddington show. Parish News hopes to report her further competitive successes soon!

Christine Benson's useful Parish Council update last month included a transcript of notes by Councillor Kirkbright who sits on the Airport Consultative Committee, proceedings which, if and where intelligible, I found most disquieting.
There are already far too many noisy flights directly over Slip End, perhaps due to 'Trial Route R.Nav. Sid' and it would seem that these are now to be intensified for a year from September - possibly after briefing meetings for residents (not consultation!), suggested by Councillor Stay - not the airport! The expanded trial would evidently increase frequency and noise levels over the village significantly, and for an extended period. It seems we are presented with a fait accompli. Slip End residents need to oppose vigorously any idea of the standard flight departure route coming directly over the village. Might the next issue of Parish News include a sketch map of present and proposed flight routes in our immediate neighbourhood to give us all a better idea of what is happening?
Brian Church

Learn to Dance to examination and festival standard and have fun!

Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz

Monday & Tuesday

Slip End Hall


For more info call Lucy Martin

on 842658

Owing to the requests for a letter from me this month I feel that I should write a small piece for your reading. The reason that I have not written for the last two months was because there did not seem to be a lot to write about as holidays were upon us all and I had little knowledge of the happenings in the village. I have returned from my Hunstanton caravan Holiday, which I always enjoy. The flat area and invigorating sea air is to me a great chance to unwind. I get up when I like and eat and sleep when I like with no regimentation of being at meals on time!
Well you lovely Slip-enders out there, I am sure that you will love the
improvements to our village hall. The lovely bright colours will give all who venture in to have a look a nice sunny feeling and I do
hope that most of you will have a peep when passing, even if you do not use
the hall. The car park looks great and huge now the lads are not playing Football anymore. I did somehow think that my request for them moving down to Peter Edwards Area would be perhaps ignored but it shows how wrong I was to even think that way: so many thanks you lads for respecting my suggestions in my last two or three letters.

I notice that the vicar has left and am wondering if there will be a replacement soon as I have lost touch with the church side of things but it would be nice to know who we can expect a visit from in the future. I must admit that I was disappointed that I never had a visit from David whilst he was in the parish but I had spoken to him on the phone and I am sure he will be missed by many people, including my grandson who had spent happy hours at the vicarage. You are a good man David and the best of luck in your new Parish and parishioners.
On my return from Holiday I noticed the new assault course in the playground and I call it that because they have one at Hunstanton and the small children have hours of fun. So lets hope that the small children will love it to balance on
and I can't see any reason why it should not last forever with care and
attention. Please note that I mentioned small children. If the teenagers want
to be involved well perhaps they will supervise the little ones. How about
that suggestion?
Well ladies I am back now with the teapot on the go and thanks for the ladies that came and enjoyed their cups of tea with my friend and I which certainly gave us a good laugh at things. I hope that I can find enough news for next time as this letter is more or less an answer to the request that a couple of you asked in August magazine.
Muriel Allsop

August is traditionally the month Parish Councillors take a break and head to the seaside with their buckets and spades but because we were so late in the year getting down to business we held an extra meeting at the Village Hall on the 6th August. It was quite well attended and although quite lengthy, I personally promise to try to keep the meetings as short and sweet as possible.
A5/B4540 Junction:
This problem is ongoing and we are waiting communication from the Highways Agency as to what their plans are. This problem has been put on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting so if anyone wants to come along to air their views you are most welcome.
Crawley Playground:
Contractors were due to return to complete installation of all the bridges and climbing equipment (chains, ropes ladders etc.,) so then it should be open for business!!
Airport Noise:
Please, please keep complaining to the Airport about the noise. If you do have access to the Internet Sue Mackenzie, Operations Director can be e-mailed on or you can write to her at Percival House, Percival Way, Luton. Beds. LU2 9LY. Please keep writing and ringing up to voice your protests, the more people from Slip End ring and write the more notice they are likely to take of us.

Pedestrian crossing at Markyate Road:
A petition has been received about the safety of this crossing where it joins the open space opposite the Post Office. In consultation with Beds. CC some works will be carried out in this area soon to try to solve this problem. The scheme - when it arrives - is not the final answer as a complete scheme needs to be discussed with the Proprietor of the Post Office, Beds CC and ourselves - so this is ongoing as well.
Timberlands Caravan Park:
A petition is circulating the village and outlying areas backing up Cllr. Richard Stay's move to close the Caravan Park. Should residents wish to sign the petition when it arrives, please note that all information contained therein is subject to secrecy and no information will be made public.
Village Notice Board:
A new notice board will shortly appear outside the Post Office. This will now be the place for residents of Slip End to find out about news etc., for Slip End Parish. Residents in Woodside and Pepperstock already have Notice Boards.
Parish Clerk/Administrator:
Interviews for this position will be held shortly. Hopefully news of our new Parish Clerk will be available by September.
Rights & Responsibilities for this month:
Yes, you do have the right to expect to have your grass verges cut regularly and kept in good condition. You do however also have the responsibility to ensure that they are not driven over and parked upon causing damage and unsightliness and making them difficult to cut and maintain.. (Hear, hear! Editor) With winter wetness coming on, )
The Whistlers:
I know this sounds a bit like one of those trashy Sci-Fi comics that were available in the '50's and '60's, but .… Prior to occurrences of vehicle or property damage or theft in and around the village, some victims or witnesses to such felonies report that, just before it happened, they heard 'whistling'. Coincidence? Maybe, but perhaps if you do hear whistling, which is unusual in this day and age, particularly at night, you could perhaps take a look out your window or just make sure that your property is secure in some way. We think it could be the way the criminals are communicating with each other over distances, having found a vulnerable vehicle or whatever. Keep vigilant.

Be safe, enjoy what's left of the summer. Parents, hang in there, its nearly back to school time!
Christine Benson
Chairman. Slip End Parish Council

Eastbourne 19th July
After a very wet start thirty six members and twelve friends left for Eastbourne arriving just before one o'clock, thankfully a dry although a little windy sea-side greeted us. After a stroll on the front or a visit to the shops we made our way back past the Band Stand to the sound of brisk military music for tea at the Wish Tower Restaurant. Leaving at six we were home before nine, an enjoyable day was had by all.
Our next outing is on a Tuesday afternoon, our annual boat trip. We have chartered 'Princess of the Chilterns' for a three hour cruise and cream tea from Glebe Canal Cruises at Pitstone. This outing is on 18th September. Unfortunately, we have been unable to hold a Club for the first four weeks in August due to refurbishment of the village hall. The next club is on the 30th August when hopefully we shall be back to normal weekly meetings.
Viv Porter

Lyn, Sheldon & Russell Stanbrook would like to thank everyone who sent messages of condolences on the death of Gerry. Sadly, he lost his battle against cancer on July 24th after a brave fight.


He would have been amazed that so many village people turned out to say their farewells to him. We want to express our special thanks to Julie Flashman for a wonderful service.  Although Julie had never met Gerry she summed him up brilliantly.


Thank you everyone for your help and support over the past 18months. It makes one realise how lucky one is to live in a wonderful community such as Slip End.

Lyn, Sheldon & Russell Stanbrook

41 Front Street Slip End


Outside the home
It's not just inside where you can do your bit. As soon as you step outside there are things you can do to be more Environmentally Friendly.

Best Foot Forward
How many times do you take the car when you could walk or cycle? It is not only cheaper but also better for everyone.
Just by walking instead of driving once a week we could reduce pollution, which can aggravate asthma.
Cars not only pollute the air but also emit CO2, which contributes to climate change. Walking is healthy and pollution free! According to health experts, walking or cycling for half an hour a day can halve the risk of heart disease.
On your Bike.
Children spend so much time on a computer or glued to a TV they don't get enough exercise. Encourage them to cycle or walk to school and walk with them. Find out about safe cycle routes in your area.
Trains & Buses
Catching a train or bus is another good alternative - it saves congestion and can be faster too. A typical bus seats 50 people - just imagine the increased congestion if all those people were in cars!
On the road
If the car is your only way of getting around why not share your journey with colleagues or friends? Doing everything in one go (shopping, taking the children to school, club, youth activities etc) can reduce pollution, as emissions are lower when the engine has warmed up.
Make sure your car is in good condition - badly tuned vehicles emit more pollution. If your tyres are properly inflated the car will use less fuel.

Anyone interested in joining our Badminton Club? We are looking for new members, as two of our present members are moving.



Friendly and competitive badminton club seek new members/visitors.

8.15 - 11.00 p.m.

For further details
Tel:  Roger  429031
or    Linda  737461

At the end of the Summer term, three members of the staff left; Mrs. M. Johnson (acting headteacher), Miss L. Fish (Year 3 teacher) and Mrs M. Turner (Early Years teacher). Mrs Johnson returns to her own school at the start of the Autumn term, Miss Fish takes up a new appointment at another school in Bedfordshire and Mrs Turner has retired.
A collection had been taken by Parents, other members of Staff and Governors and at the End of Term Assembly, gifts were presented to the three ladies. Mrs Johnson was presented with a Sun Dial, Miss Fish with Glassware and Mrs Turner with a Garden bench and a Patio heater.
Thanks were expressed at the assembly for all their hard work at the school and all the school wished them well in the future.
The school also said 'Farewell' to the pupils in Year 4. These young people will start at their new middle schools in September. At the assembly, each pupil who was leaving gave a short presentation of their memories of Slip End School. Mrs Johnson spoke in turn about each child and their progress in the school and presented a book of Poetry. We wish these children every success in the next stage of their educations.
Next term our new Headteacher, Mrs C Fisher, takes up her new post and we also welcome two new teachers to fill the teaching vacancies. The Early Years teacher will be Mrs J Greensmith and the Year 3 teacher will be Miss E Houghton.


1. No-one expects you to take a bath every day.
2. If it itches, you can scratch it.
3. There's no such thing as bad food.
4. A bone can entertain you for hours.
5. If you grow hair in weird places, no one notices.
6. You can lie around all day without getting the sack.
7. You don't get into trouble for rushing up and putting your head in a stranger's lap.
8. You're always excited to see the same people.
9. Having big feet is considered an asset.
10. Puppy love can last.

Bailey (dog’s name, not photographer’s)

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