There's always an answer
There's always a solution when a
problem you've been set.
There always is a way in which
the challenge can be met.
There always is a means of getting
over every fence-
With just a little patience and a
bit of common sense.

There's an answer to the question.
Never have a doubt.
You will get it if you are resolved
to work it out.
A way round every difficulty you
can always find-
If you really tackle it, determined in
your mind.

As some of you may be aware the Village Hall was closed in August for major refurbishment. Our apologies to Viv Porter and the Tyro Dancers for having to cancel their meetings: we hope they will appreciate how much lighter and brighter the hall will be on their return. The dark panelling around the walls has gone, replaced by lighter pastel shades to give a more airy look. The costs of the refurbishment have been met from our funds, thanks to good bookings throughout the year and the careful handling of our finances by our treasurer.
Some structural work was done outside on the gable end where brickwork needed attention with some re-pointing on the outer wall of the extension where some cracks have developed. We thank South Beds District Council for grant aid towards the costs of this.
Thanks also to Parish Councillor Christine Benson; since she wrote in the Parish News a few months ago our car-park footballers have moved on, hopefully to the playing field, and there has been no further damage to the hall. Thanks lads (and lasses?) for you consideration!
On a personal note, I wish to retire as secretary at the end of the year although, if asked, I will stay on the committee. So if there is an avid Parish News reader out there who would be able to help out by volunteering to take the secretary's post, you would be welcome and assured of experienced guidance, maybe there is a recently retired person out there with a bit of spare time. These days use of a word processor would be an advantage for minutes and correspondence. Also, our long-serving treasurer may be glad of a change in the fullness of time - none of us are getting any younger!
Please think this over; the Village Hall is a valuable local asset and it would be good to think that it will continue that way. Our committees have served us well over the years and we feel it is time new blood will come through to take over some of the reins. Otherwise we feel that, with no hard feelings towards our already hardworking councillors, the Village Hall committee could be taken over by the council.
We hope everyone will enjoy our new-look hall when we are back in full swing in September.
Bud Abbott, Secretary.

Overheard at a second-hand dealer's:
"What sort of car are you looking for, sir?"
"Preferably something that my kids wouldn't be seen dead in!"

Wife to husband:
"Dinner tonight - will it be, go out, take out or thaw out?"

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelt as good as freshly cooked bacon.

Sign seen hanging over a bar:
"If you're drinking to forget, please pay in advance!"

For 30 years, Johnson had arrived at work at nine o'clock on the dot, every morning without fail. Consequently, when on one particular day nine o'clock passed without Johnson's arrival, it caused a sensation.
Finally, precisely at ten o'clock Johnson showed up, clothes dusty and torn, his face scratched and bruised, his glasses bent. He limped painfully to the time clock, punched in, and said, aware that all eyes were upon him: "I tripped and rolled down two flights of stairs. Nearly killed myself."
The boss replied: "And to roll down two flights of stairs took you a whole hour?"
A man walks into a bar, orders a drink and sits down. A few minutes later, he hears someone shouting abuse at him.
"You look terrible in those jeans," says the voice, "get down to the gym and lose some weight!"
The man turns round to find that the abuse is coming from the cigarette machine. He tries to ignore it but the insults continue and the man finally goes up to the bar to complain. "I'm really sorry," says the barman. "That machine has been out of order for ages."

Just a quick note from the editor. Good luck to all the children starting at a new school, returning to school or transferring schools. Well done to all of you who received great results from GCSE or A Level exams.
The very best of luck to students starting University or returning - I'm told it's the best time of your life, so work hard and enjoy it. You will be the ones to benefit in the long run even if you have to live in conditions that you are not used to.
I hope everyone had a great summer holiday. Please send any details for the October Parish News to David Kingston, Tel Number 01582 416138 or e-mail him at

A rotary clothes line. Excellent condition. Free to collector. Ring 421034

727,606 shoe boxes from the UK

This Operation Christmas Child scheme is now ten years old this year, distributing over 4 million gift filled shoe boxes throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. Just some of the people who have lent their support to this worthwhile cause are: Jan Leeming (T.V. presenter) Jonathan Edwards (gold medallist), Tony Blair (Prime Minister), John Prescott (Deputy P.M.) and GMTV who gave much of coverage to the project.
Q & A about Samaritans Purse
What is Samaritan's Purse and what is unique about it?
It is a Christian relief and development organization, specialising in meeting needs of victims of war, poverty, natural disaster and disease, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and providing essential aid such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

How did Samaritan's Purse begin?
It was founded in 1970 by evangelist and missionary Dr Bob Pierce. Prior to his death in 1978 he asked Franklin Graham to travel with him to crisis areas and in 1979 Franklin became the President of Samaritan's Purse in USA. In 1990 it began in Great Britain and in 1995 merged with Operation Christmas Child, the organisation which started the shoe box programme.
Where do the funds come from?
It is supported by voluntary giving from individuals, churches, companies and trusts. It presents opportunities for those who wish to be involved in God's work.
For those of you who have not heard about Operation Christmas Child, it is a way of giving a small gift to some of the neediest children on earth. You can't help but be touched by some of the stories that helpers have given when taking shoe boxes to orphanages, hospitals, schools and very disadvantaged areas. Think what a difference a gift-filled box will bring to a child who has nothing. If you would like to contribute, either by donation or by making up a shoe box, please contact Sue Cowell or St Andrew's Church. We will be talking about the shoe-boxes on October 7th at the Harvest Festival Service at Church and leaflets will be available. Please try to come along and be a Good Samaritan for Christmas 2001.


Sometimes it's a change of job that
brings a friend your way,
A journey or a party or a summer holiday.

You turn a bend upon the road and
suddenly you find -
You've met a kindred spirit. Thus the threads of fate unwind.

Your path in life is crossed by someone
who was meant for you -
And everything takes on a sweeter tone,
a brighter hue.

Old friends may be great but you must
never turn away -
From the chance to make new friends,
for there may come a day -
When dearest friends must leave you,
death or distance may divide -
and then how grateful you will be for
new friends at your side.

St Andrew’s Church





Friday 5th October

at the Village Hall 7.00 for 7.30


Entertainment by

The Chiltern Singers


Tickets include Meal & Entertainment, tea, coffee or soft drinks.

Details, call 404988

BYO K,N,S & other liquid refresment

This month we were given a most interesting and humerous talk with slides by Roger Evans, instructor and assessor in the craft. I had imagined by the title it would be English thatch but I couldn't have been more wrong. JAPAN, no less, was the venue for our attention. Not Tokyo with picturesque buildings and hundreds of people milling about but isolated buildings on their own, not even a village, in the tree covered mountains containing monkeys and bears. I hadn't a clue Japan was like this. People from all walks of life came to see how this Englishman would thatch one of their dwellings. The heat is so intense the damp rising on the mountains looks like smoke. The poles across the roof to hold the thatch are held together with rice straw because of earthquakes. There is no chimney but an indoor pipe with a tee shape at the top takes smoke from the fire. The roof has a hole at each end for the smoke. The thatch is four feet thick and the smoke stops any infestations. The finished result was truly a work of art and lasts for twenty years.

On August 23rd, we had a guided coach tour of London culminating at the Guildhall. The courier was a mine of information and made the visit one to be remembered.
Patricia Crick


Bedfordshire County Council Bus Information

SERVICE 202: Dunstable – Slip End – Harpenden

Mondays to Saturdays


Dunstable:                                                                                                        ?

   Southern Campus schools                                                 15.40                 

 Asda - stop P                           6.35    7.35    9.30   11.30  13.30  14.30          15.45  17.30  18.30

   Winston Churchill - stop G     6.37    7.37    9.33   11.33  13.33  14.33  15.50  15.48  17.33  18.33

 Sainsburys                                              9.37   11.37  13.37  14.37          15.52  17.37  18.37

Skimpot, Tesco                           6.45    7.45    9.45   11.45  13.45  14.45  16.00  16.00  17.45  18.45

Luton & Dunstable Hospital      6.47    7.47    9.47   11.47  13.47  14.47  16.02  16.02  17.47  18.47

Chaul End                                    6.55    7.55    9.55   11.55  13.55  14.55  16.10  16.10  17.55  18.55

Caddington, The Cricketers        6.59    7.59    9.59   11.59  13.59  14.59  16.14  16.14  17.59  18.59
Aley Green, Mancroft Road     7.02    8.02   10.02  12.02  14.02  15.02  16.17  16.17  18.02  19.02

Woodside, Elaine Gardens       7.04    8.04   10.04  12.04  14.04  15.04  16.19  16.19  18.04  19.04

Slip End, Crossroads                7.06    8.06   10.06  12.06  14.06  15.06  16.21  16.21  18.06  19.06

Pepperstock, Brickhill Park    7.08    8.08   10.08  12.08  14.08  15.08  16.23  16.23  18.08  19.08

Harpenden, The George              7.20    8.20   10.23  12.20  14.20  15.20  16.35  16.35  18.20  19.20

Harpenden, Railway Station       7.22    8.22   10.25  12.22  14.22  15.22  16.37  16.37  18.22  19.22




SERVICE 202: Harpenden – Slip End –  Dunstable

Mondays to Saturdays

                                                                ?    

Harpenden, Railway Station       7.30    7.30    8.30   10.30  12.30  14.30  15.50  16.45  18.45  19.45

Harpenden, The George              7.32    7.32    8.32   10.32  12.32  14.32  15.42  16.47  18.47  19.47

Pepperstock, Brickhill Park    7.43    7.43    8.43   10.43  12.46  14.43  16.03  16.58  18.58  19.58

Slip End, Grove Road               7.45    7.45    8.45   10.45  12.48  14.45  16.05  17.00  19.00  20.00

Woodside, Elaine Gardens       7.47    7.47    8.47   10.47  12.50  14.47  16.07  17.02  19.02  20.02

Aley Green, Mancroft Road     7.49    7.49    8.49   10.49  12.52  14.49  16.09  17.04  19.04  20.04

Caddington, The Cricketers        7.52    7.52    8.52   10.52  12.55  14.52  16.12  17.07  19.07  20.07

Chaul End                                    7.56    7.56    8.56   10.56  12.59  14.56  16.16  17.11  19.11  20.11

Luton & Dunstable Hospital      8.04    8.04    9.04   11.04  13.07  15.04  16.24  17.19  19.19  20.19

Skimpot, Tesco                           8.06    8.06    9.06   11.06  13.09  15.06  16.26  17.21  19.21  20.21


  Sainsburys                                 8.16    8.21    9.16   11.16  13.19  15.16  16.36  17.31  19.31  20.31

  Asda – stop P                           8.20    8.25    9.20   11.20  13.23  15.20  16.40  17.35  19.35  20.35

  Southern Campus schools                8.35                                                     


 School days only

? Saturdays and school holidays only


This service is run by ARRIVA the Shires under contract to Bedfordshire County Council.

 Bus Information Line 01234 228337. Click here for our interactive bus timetable

Articles for the October issue of Parish News should be passed to
David Kingston 416138 by 15th September please.

Parish News distribution queries? Please contact Brian Church on 01 582 458443
Parish News reserves editorial rights

and finally:-
To all our readers who have a birthday in September
along with the Editor.(Thanks Mum)

Birthday Wish

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall…
Count your days by golden hours
Don't remember clouds at all…
Count your nights by stars not shadows
Count your life by smiles not tears
And with joy on every birthday,
Count your age by friends, not years.
Parish News reserves editorial rights

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