October 2004 - Parish News


Services & Events during October


Midweek Communions take place monthly at two venues in Slip End, details from Joy.


                1st        2-30 pm            Woodside home service

                         7-00 pm           Harvest Supper at the village hall

3rd        10-30 am          Family Communion

6th        10-30 am          Pram service--Family room

10th       10-30 am        Morning Praise

                         2-00 pm           St Andrews Ramblers

14th       8-00 pm           Footsteps

16th       4-00 pm           Wedding   (Chris Gains and Liz Collins)

17th       10-30 am        Holy Communion

                          6-15 pm          3:16 meet--- Family room

20th        10-30 am                    Pram service-- Family room

24th        9-15 am          Holy Communion  East Hyde

                         10-30 am         Morning praise

28th        8-00 pm          Footsteps

29th        2-30 pm          Woodside home service

31st        10-30 am                    Morning praise

We plough the fields and scatter
The good seed on the land;
But it is fed and watered,
By god’s almighty hand;
He sends the snow in winter
The warmth to swell the grain;
The breezes and the sunshine,
And soft refreshing rain.

All good gifts around us
Are sent from heaven above:
Then thank the Lord
O thank the Lord
For all his love.

Come you thankful people come,
Raise the song of harvest home!
Fruit and crops are gathered in
Safe before the storms begin:
God our maker will provide
For our needs to be supplied;
Come, with all his people come,
Raise the song of harvest home.


The Church and Sunday school re-opened on September 5th after the summer break. The cake stall outside the Co-op Caddington on September 11th raised £120.60 for N.C.H. Our Church did a small arrangement at the All Saints Flower Festival. On September 18th we took our preserve stall to Farley Hill Methodist Church coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Relief fund. In the afternoon the stall went to the 3rd Caddington village show. The same afternoon we set up the church for the Harvest Festival. An all age service followed on Sunday and then on Monday 20th Carol Bull (villager of the Year 2004) auctioned off the produce in aid of the Methodist Relief and Development Fund. 
Dates for your diary…..

Sat 9th October 2.30pm Our Autumn Fayre. Come along and have a look at our many stalls. Home made cakes, preserves, books, toys, children’s books (6 for a £1) bric a brac, gifts, raffle, games and a tombolla. Afternoon teas will be served in the schoolroom. Come and join in the fun.
Wed October 20th 7.30pm onwards – Coffee evening with the sale of Phoenix greeting cards and gift wrap. £1 a card or 90p each if you buy 10 or more. All sorts of cards – choose from Christmas, Birthday, Thank you, Anniversary, Announcement etc. 
Relax over a cup of tea or coffee and have a look through the Phoenix catalogue. Our preserves will also be for sale. Do pop in.

There is nothing but Gods grace.
We walk upon it, we breathe it.
We live and die it.
By Robert Louis Stevenson.

With love and prayers from Aley Green Church
Ann Meader


Despite recent claims to status as ‘Crawley Gardens’, maybe BT have got it right for once: they list residents there as in Crawley Close, Luton! 
Those of us in Summer Street and other more salubrious parts of the village are of course recognised correctly as part of Slip End!

For use by residents of Slip End and District, our Bottle Bank is situated in the Frog and Rhubarb car park in Church Road. This is supplied and operated by SBDC to improve and increase glass recycling. 

These start again on Saturday October 2nd. Shirley would like to thank all those who have supported these events in the past and looks forward to seeing you soon. Dates are October 2nd & 30th, November 20th and December 4th.


I lived in Front Street from 1944 to 1968 and was known as Latch or Titch.
I am looking for 3 gentlemen who used to live in Slip end around late
fifties, early sixties. They would have been in their teens at the time.

Roy Payne - lived at the top of Front Street, opposite New Street.

Peter Brown - nickname 'Fernando'. Lived at the end of Front Street,
must have been about no 132 or 134, now demolished.

Paul Bryant - nickname 'Scrooge'. son of Reg Bryant who was landlord
of Half Moon pub, Pepperstock at the time.

If you have any information that would help me find these 3 old
friends in time for my 60th birthday please contact me as soon as possible.
Brian Cullis bacullis@hotmail.com. .

Ha Ha!!

Little Joe said to his father: “Dad, you know you said you would give me £10 if I passed my maths test.” “Yes.” Replied his father. “Why?” “Well” replied Joe. “I’ve just saved you some money….”

Here we are back to normal - or whatever counts as 'normal' in Slip End - after the summer months. I hope you all found the Parish News that was circulated to everybody in the Parish that was done in conjunction with/and paid for by the Parish Council informative and interesting. We are required to produce a newsletter annually and it seemed a very good idea to use the Parish News as the vehicle for this in the hope that it would boost circulation of this very useful publication.

I enjoyed the article about the Garden Open Day that took place in early July and was confused to note that our garden did not get a mention. So all of you who visited our garden and bought ice lollies, - please don't think that you imagined it and the money that we raised did go to the appropriate charity. 
(Unfortunately we ran out of time and the gardens were closing! Editor)

CRIME FIGURES FOR 1.8.04. - 31.8.04.

During the month of August the following crimes were committed in Slip End Parish. Theft (other) 2. Arson 4. Obtain Property - (Credit Card) 1. Domestic Situation 2. Theft from Motor Vehicle 1. Criminal Damage (Vehicle) 1. Burglary (Dwelling) 2.
Please keep vigilant and report crimes to the Police.

I know that the powers that be would argue that these two matters are separate. I do not see how they can be treated as a separate issue inasmuch as the reason Woodside Road was closed was because of the loss of the young man in question who lived on Timberlands. Therefore these problems and the solutions go hand in hand.
Those of you who attended the Parish Meeting on 6 September will remember that it was quite a lively meeting. We had invited our MP Margaret Moran to meet with us to discuss the problems vis a vis the closure of Timberlands long before we were faced with the closure of Woodside Road but, as happens sometimes, the two issues dovetailed at one meeting.
The full minutes of this meeting are too long to go into here but will be available on the Slip End Website after our meeting of the 4 October, which is when they will be formally agreed and seconded and therefore become public property. Hopefully by the time you read this article should you wish, you can download the article. If you do not have access to the website, copies can be obtained from David Haste our Parish Administrator.
One of the outcomes of the meeting was that Ms Moran advised us that she had referred the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman as a case of mal-administration. The ombudsman will be carrying out a review and we will be able to comment as a Parish Council and individually as residents of the Parish. The Parish council are still committed to the closure of the Timberlands site and are pursuing all avenues and ideas or suggestions fully.
At my request, Ms Moran promised to let the Clerk have a copy of her suggested 'model' letter of complaint for residents to use. We moved onto the closure of Woodside Road. Cllr. Richard Stay explained that a resident of Timberlands had been suffering from terminal leukaemia. When his impending death was made known it became clear that a large number of the travelling community intended to visit Slip End for the funeral and subsequent wake. As an individual he had received very short notice of this but the County Council, in conjunction with the Police, had decided that, rather than allow a free for all, a place would be provided for the incomers to occupy for a short period. It had therefore been decided to close a section of Woodside Road for this purpose. Even with the benefit of hindsight Cllr. Stay felt that the course of action followed was the best one. He accepted that others might have different views. The visitation and encampment had gone off well and there had been very little trouble and the travellers had left when ordered to do so. 
I had to comment that it my opinion a dangerous precedent had been set. There had been other deaths on the Timberlands site, especially when the occupants were mainly elderly, and nothing like this had ever been allowed before.
We then opened the meeting to the Public and the consensus of the opinion was that the closure was wrong in principle and that the large numbers of police present would have been better employed in enforcing the law, with particular regard to the state of some of the vehicles. 
A member of the public, on behalf of those present, thanked the Parish Council for their efforts on behalf of the community.
That's all for this month. Take care.

Christine Benson, Chairman
Slip End Parish Council.


We celebrated our forty ninth birthday by welcoming guests from Downside Totternhoe and Eaton Bray W.I’s. The evening, which had a yellow theme, certainly went with a swing as ladies of “Close Harmony” entertained us. To say they are aptly named is putting it mildly, they have the most beautiful voices. It must be lovely to be blessed with a good voice. Mrs R Fisher our newest member was asked to cut the cake, while founder members sat with memories of that first time.
I must apologise for not covering the August meeting, which was a successful ‘Treasure Trail’ around the village, so I have been told. I was unable to participate in the event due to unforeseen circumstances. I would like to at this point thank the two angels, very aptly named Harper for coming to my aid. I don’t know how my husband would have coped on his own.
Thank you Heather and John. God Bless.
Forthcoming dates:
October 19th – How to win competitions. Speaker Mrs M Dobkin
November 16th – Encaustic Art – Speaker Mr A Druce
December 21st – Playing a Harp – Speaker Miss S Crossett
We meet 3rd Tuesday in the month 7.30 – 10pm at Baptist Church Hall, Caddington.

I don’t know about competitions in October but know how about coming along to win a few friends. We would love to see you.
Patricia Crick

Here I am again to see what news I can tell you this month. I have been away for a short holiday and what news did I get told upon my return. Yes you know don’t you?
Actually, I was taken aback with what I heard about one or two or three or four good climbers practicing on our lovely village hall for the next Olympics.
I can remember the last chap who went up on the roof several years ago and he nearly died after he slipped, so whoever went up, to maybe prove a point about something was so lucky, and when I think that my son has just had an accident falling off a roof whilst building made me feel how doubly lucky some of you lads are! But, if that is the way you want to live your life so be it, only think of what your mum and dad would feel like if you were injured however slight, and on top of that get a bill for damages, because I can assure you that you were seen on that roof. The beauty of it is that, amongst the people who saw you on that roof are not grassers - well not at this stage and what that means I do not know.
I was thinking as we have got a few climbers about I wonder if we could ask your help nearer Christmas to give us older persons a hand to put up the decorations and I’ll be there to give you a mince pie and a coke. The ceilings are high inside so it will help a few of us out.

Whilst writing this I can remember another incident years ago when a lovely fellow was seriously injured when he tried to help take decorations down after a party at the hall and it changed his life, and not to the better. In view of my memory I think it best if you don’t volunteer. Sorry I asked now, but my being a mum with four gigantic sons, all builders l will ask them instead., but not the one who has just had a fall as he will still be stiff and bruised for months. Has anyone got the message yet?
I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and no doubt some of you will be starting work or higher education, so good luck to you all.
I understand that Michael the caretakers husband has a nice chat to you all now and again as he likes the youngsters in the village and will do all he can to help, so if ever you see muddy windows at the hall just give him a hand to clean them as he is a good chap.
The new cameras will be up now very soon so you will be able to see your way around easier and know what’s going on so you will all no doubt look forward to that. Far better to be seen than heard.
Well guys and dolls l will sign off now and hope you all appreciate the kind words that I give you and I do try to mean well towards you all but was rather shocked to hear the news just mentioned. Still it took me years to mature but some have to learn the hard way like it seems to be now. I repeat again give your mum and dad a thought when you feel like getting up to tricks and you really don’t have to wait until you become parents yourself to wonder what your little ones will be doing. Good advice I hope.
Muriel Allsop.

Well lads, I have just been up to the village after writing my piece for the magazine and it looks as if we have had a visit from Fred Dibnah the steeple jack, as the hall is now up for sale. I must say although I shouldn’t but I admire the integrity of some of you and of course the guts to go up a second time on the roof and you would certainly make a wonderful leader in rock climbing, so why waste such a talent on a village hall why not venture on Etna? Anyway, we will leave the notice up at my suggestion and who knows we may get a buyer? You will no doubt laugh at all of these tricks that you get up to in the next few years and if you have a family of your own to tell these stories to, or even your friends who will repeat them to their families, it will only show a great weakness - not strength of character within you. Sounds like a sermon doesn’t it but it all make sense to me.


Playgroup term started on 6th September and this term we are welcoming lots of new children with the boys out-numbering the girls by 3 to 1. We are full up now until Christmas but should have spaces again in the New Year when about 12 of our children will be moving on to school either here in Slip End or in Caddington.
This term's activities follow the season with harvest, autumn and, before you know it, Christmas to think about. The new children are settling in nicely and beginning to get the hang of the routine with the help of the older children.

This term we will be sorry to say good-bye to Sue Day, one of our members of staff, who is leaving to work at a day nursery in Dunstable. She became associated with Playgroup first over 12 years ago (when her own children attended the group) by working on the committee and as treasurer. She then became a member of staff and did her NVQ3 training with us. We wish her good luck and every success in her new job.
Julie, Jill and Mandy will have been joined by a new member of staff by the time you are reading this. Mandy has begun her NVQ2 training at Barnfield College. We will be supporting her in this and wish her success too.

This term's fund raising for the Christmas party is our usual Nearly New Sale on 16th October in the Village Hall. There has been a slight change as this time we are keeping 25% of the money taken for our funds. We hope that this will raise enough to pay for the entertainment and presents for the children.
Jill Acton

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