On behalf of St Andrew’s, on the 11th September bike ride in aid of the Historic Churches Trust, Brian and Paul -complete with an orange plastic bucket! - walked about 11 miles and visited 17 Luton churches. St Andrews was open all day to welcome visitors, with soft drinks and home-made cakes etc provided by Mary and her team. Sponsorship and other donations raised about £230, half of which goes towards our roof fund.

Well done Brian Church (organises all the Parish News distribution) and Paul Goodacre, his next door neighbour – a valiant effort. – Those shoes were definitely ‘made for walking!’

Harvest festival took place on Sunday 26th at St Andrew’s Church. It was lovely to see the beavers, cubs and brownies attend the church, along with their leaders and bring more harvest gifts with them. The Church looked lovely with all the produce on show. Slip End Lower School had their harvest on the Friday afternoon and all the gifts had been spread around the church making it look ‘good enough to eat’. Each chair had an item of ‘harvest’ placed on it, which served as a reminder for grateful thanks in one of the closing prayers.

just some of the boxes from Slip End School

Alex with the box he decorated full of 
harvest gifts

the brownies amongst the fruit and veg.

The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof

Alex shows us some of the tins around the font

Slip End
Tennis Club
Unfortunately – the Quiz night last month had to be cancelled due to lack of tickets sold. Why not try and get along and have a fun night out meeting up with neighbours and friends from the Village and help support the Tennis Club at the same time. A lot of hard work goes into organising these events and it would be a shame if they were not able to continue due to low numbers. No need to drive there, its nice and handy and you never know – you might just win!

A man walked into a bar, sat down and ordered a beer. As he sipped the beer, he heard a soothing voice say, “nice tie”! Looking around he noticed that the bar was empty except for himself and the barman at the end of the bar. A few sips later the voice said, “beautiful shirt”. At this, the man called the barman over. “Hey… I must be losing my mind,” he told the barman. “I keep hearing these voices saying nice things, and there’s not a soul in here but us”. “It’s the peanuts”, answered the barman. “It’s the what?” “You heard me”, said the man behind the bar, “It’s the peanuts…they’re complimentary.”

An 18th century vagabond, exhausted and famished, came to a roadside inn with a sign reading George and the dragon. He knocked. A woman who said she was the innkeeper’s wife stuck her head out of a window. “Could you spare some food?” asked the vagabond. The woman glanced at his shabby, dirty clothes, “No!” she shouted. “Could I have a pint of ale?” “No” she shouted. “Could I at least sleep in your stable?” “No” she shouted again. The vagabond went on: “Might I please….?” “What now” the woman screeched not allowing him to finish. “Do you suppose that I might have a word with George?” he asked.


After the successful mention of Sally’s Gooseberry Fool last month I thought it might be an idea to put some family favourite recipes in the Parish News. If you have one that you think others might like to try please send them in. This month the recipe is for a ‘mouth-watering’ biscuit that the children can help you with.

Melting Moments

Oven: 375°/Mark 5
Amount approx 24

4 oz butter or margarine
3 oz sugar
1 egg yolk
Few drops of vanilla essence
5 oz self raising flour
Crushed cornflakes

Grease 2 baking trays. 
Cream butter and sugar together and beat in the egg yolk
Flavour with vanilla essence, stir in the flour to give a stiff dough and divide into approx 24 small portions. Form each piece into a ball and roll into crushed cornflakes. 
Place on baking trays and flatten slightly. Bake for approx 15 minutes, then cool on tray before lifting onto cooling rack. 

So dig out your old recipe books and find a family favourite I can feature in the PN - Ed

We have been verylucky with our outings throughout the summer when the weather has been kind to us. In May we had a lovely day at Wisley, then in June we went to Eastbourne and in July we went off to Great Yarmouth for the day. Our August Mystery Tour was a great success with a visit to Notcutts Garden Centre and St Alban’s Abbey followed by a tour of the Hertfordshire countryside.
We are now loking forward to our holiday in Ilfracombeearly in August, so we will not be meeting in the Village Hall on October 7th.
We are grateful for the kind donation from the folks at The Harrow towards our funds, many thanks. 
Viv Porter

We are now in full swing after the summer break and we have welcomed four new recruits. The girls are starting on many projects and activities leading up to Christmas, more news next month.
On Saturday November 13th we will be holding a Table Top Sale in the Village Hall, to raise money to buy some new equipment. There are a few stalls available, details from Brown Owl, Gillian on 723109.

Coffee Morning & Ploughman’s Lunch
This will be held on October 26th at the Village all, 11am to 2pm in aid of the Keech Cottage & Pasque Hospice. Hospice Calendars for 2005 will be available at just £2. Please give this your support, towards a very worthwhile cause.

Natural Household Cleaning Tips

Make the most our some clever low-cost solutions – great alternatives to chemical packed household cleaners:-

This has become a real store-cupboard staple for cleaning. Just mix with warm water and you’ve got a solution for mirrors, tiles and windows. A stronger mix will descale a toilet, while lemon juice is an alternative to bleach. 
Bicarbonate of Soda
Great cleaner and a good deodoriser.

A multi-purpose cleaner with bleaching qualities. A good stain remover but poisonous so keep out of reach of children and pets and wear rubber gloves when using.

Cream of tartar
Mild acid – excellent stain remover.

Lemon juice
Cuts through grease. Add to bicarb of soda and borax and it becomes even more effective.

Great for hand-washing clothes. Abrasive action particularly when used with lemon juice. Good for cleaning brass and copper.

Washing Soda
A good all-rounder for cleaning work surfaces, tiles and floors. Make up a larger solution for washing down paths and patios.

White vinegar
Use on glass or soak cloudy drinking glasses in warmed white vinegar for a few hours to remove the film. Simply wipe and dry. Wipe your refrigerator with vinegar to clean it and help prevent mildew.

Wiping down wisdom
· Add five drops of an antiseptic essential oil, such as tea tree or bergamot, to a litre of water for wiping over kitchen surfaces and cleaning floors.
· A paste made from sodium bicarbonate or cream of tartar and water removes stains such as fizzy drinks from kitchen surfaces. It also gives stainless-steel sinks sparkle. 
· Make your own chemical-free disinfectant for wiping out the kitchen bin. A couple of drops of tea tree, pine or eucalyptus oil on a damp cloth has disinfectant properties.
· Dissolve chewing gum stuck to carpets and upholstery by applying hot vinegar.

Just a reminder in case you missed the talk I gave at St Andrew’s Church at the Harvest Festival. I gave a small presentation showing some of the schools that became involved with the shoebox appeal last year and explained the need for more people to make their own ‘love in a box’. The children that these boxes go to, literally have nothing. Many have had to flee their homes and live in unimaginable conditions. A shoebox gives them some happy moments and something to call their own. It needn’t cost a fortune. When you go along to do your shopping look out for the BYGYF. Buy one get one free, and pop in an extra toothbrush, or toothpaste or bar of soap and flannel and you’ve got the start of your shoebox for nothing! Charity shops have some excellent small toys, cars, dolls and fluffy animals and most children have more pencil cases and pens that they could ever use. November 21st is National Shoe Box Sunday so please remember that date. If you would like to look up any details about Operation Christmas Child please check out the website  
Teresa is still looking out for a warehouse and will be appealing for volunteers later. If you know of anyone who might have connections please let her know on 482681. Many thanks. Sue Cowell, Editor

Embrace Life

With all it’s flaws and imperfections, it’s the only one you have - Keep smiling
It brings a touch of sunshine to those who receive one - Love faithfully
It’s the secret of a happy life.
Be honest – constantly
Honesty, integrity & trust are still worth more than silver & gold.
Enjoy – don’t use your friends
They’re a treasured gift - Always be kind
It deposits feelings of love & worth into our hearts - Cry a little – laugh a lot
Tears cleanse the soul & laughter is good – like medicine - Be a real hero
Care for someone who needs it.
Don’t judge others on the fraction of 
what you see
A compassionate heart sees behind the mask of life - Make time for the elderly
They’re a reservoir of wisdom & besides you’ll be old one day - Have faith
Faith, hope & love are the superglue of life.
Hug someone for no reason at all
God gave us arms for hugging & lips for kissing - Be humble
It truly is your greatest strength.
Forgive those who hurt you
Unforgiveness is cancer to the soul – please don’t be a carrier.
Encourage at least five people every day
An encouraging word unspoken dies in your heart - Invest time in your family
It’s the only thing you can take with you to heaven.

Listen with your heart
Love with your soul
Find the beauty inside yourself
Please share it with the world
By Carolyn Roach

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9th Aley Green Autumn Fayre
16th Playgroup Nearly New Sale – Village Hall 2pm
19th Woens Institute – How to win competitions.
20th Aley Green Coffee evening
26th Coffee Morning & Ploughman’s Lunch at the Village Hall 11am to 2pm
30th Dance at the Village Hall
1st Parish Council Meeting, Village Hall 8:00pm
13th 13th Table Top Sale at Village Hall (call 723109 for details)Tennis Club Quiz Night – Peter Edwards Hall
20th Dance at the Village Hall
28th Crafts for Christmas – Village Hall
4th Dance at the Village Hall
4th Christmas Fair at Slip End Lower School
6th Parish Council Meeting, Village Hall 8:00pm

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